Monday, May 30, 2011

Whew - Morgul Challenge Accomplished

The 55+ Blue Crew was exemplary of team planning and adaptability. Criterium and omnium wins were accomplished.

Throughout the criterium Vic's was alway present in the front and working toward a 'groupo compacto' for the finale. It worked. With 10 laps to go peace came over the peleton and without a fuzz leadership was seeded to the Jet on 3 to go. He tapped out a sustainable pace and on the bell lap gave it everything up the hill and through the alley - do everything necessary to keep the would be contenders in their places. Bill had aided the Jet with a pull or two and then grabbed the lead on the down hill, and brought us into the home stretch. Steve and Paul accelerated from there to the line taking 1st and 4th with many quick guys left out of the game.

The Morgul was a challenge and Barry joined the team for the day. We had a plan A and B, and to my surprise A succeeded. Vic's worked only to bring back danger men and keep the group together. Numerous attempts and efforts where made, but the competitors did not build strong alliances, so all break aways that could impact the omnium where nullified. Again Jet, Barry, Bill, and Paul made this happen. A group of 15 or more crested the Hump on the final lap setting up enjoyment for all on the Wall. Glen W. attacked downhill into the base of the climb Steve reacted with Bill because Glen was 2nd in the omnium standings. Once it kicked up Kim W. took over and started grinding. Bill held Steve in 3rd position until the final 300 meters of so. Bill K. attacked at 150 meters and dog race was on. It was a decent sprint, but lacking the speed that makes sprinting fun, and had a surprise finish with the winner (Bill K.) nipping a solo break away rider (Geoff) at the line and Steve coming in 3rd. The Vic's guys all rolled in with Paul ending with 5th (I think) in the omnium.

So there you have it! How does a flat lander hang on to win an omnium with the Wall climb? With nothing but the best Team - elite skilled riders (note the dominance on the 2nd climb of the wall) with peleton riding savy.
Photos courtesy of Jan Hughes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

High Plains Drifters

On a cold, overcast grey morning last Saturday, the 55+ Vic's/Peerless men, Mike Newsome, Dean Sandoval, Bill Simmons and I met in remote Hugo, Colorado for the annual long road race on the windswept Colorado plains. The cool temperatures and light winds were a contrast to past installments of this race. We started with a large group which included the women's categories, 1, 2 and 3 plus the age group women (hi Christy).
The first long southern leg had a tailwind, was fast but not very eventful and the pack stayed together. Turning to the west necessitated echelon formation and the bunch thinned a bit but all the players were there. As we approached the decisive turn to the east, I knew the hammer would go down with at least Bill Kellagher launching so I stayed near the front as did Mike. Dean and Bill were a few riders back and unfortunately missed the break as gaps formed quickly. In the break were Mike and me, Bill K, Shannon Fox, Geoff Cooper, Bill McGinley, Kim Workman, Butch (no I won't work) Stinton, eventual winner Callen Borgias and a few others. We dropped Butch, Callen, Geoff and later, Bill McGinley in the crossing headwind. We rode as a group of five until about 9 miles out when we were joined by a group of five including Bill S. Geoff and Callen. Bill and Geoff had taken Butch and Mike Myers off the back (good move) keeping them out of the final fray.
In the final slight uphill sprint to the line, Bill K was taken at the line by a charging Callen Borgias, back into the racing scene having been out since 1986. Bill Simmons set the high mark for Vic's with 3rd and I followed in 4th with Mike 7th. Dean battled the headwind home with a group of 6 finishing 20th.
Didn't see Clint Eastwood out there.