Thursday, August 20, 2009

45+ Niwot Criterium

Photo Credit: Heather Haupt Enos


The downtown Niwot Criterium was contested on Sunday, August 16th, under beautiful late summer conditions. Joe Paulson and John Talley represented Vic's Espresso/Peerless in the 40 minute 45+ men's event.

The field strung out from the start, as riders at the front forced the pace to avoid getting bunched up in the tricky acute angle corners on the course. Jimmy Gibson from the Mix1 team was animating the race early, with an early solo escape. Joe was staying right up front to keep an eye on things and stay out of trouble, and on the first prime, another rider unintentionally gave him a perfect lead-out to capture the cash.

When Jimmy went out solo again, Joe knew the powerful Mix1 rider was on good form, and shot away from the pack to bridge up before the gap got too big. Hitching onto Jimmy's rear wheel as they came through the start finish, Joe saw that there were still 21 minutes of racing to go, and wondered if this was such a good idea after all. However, they were now committed, so Joe started contributing as much as he could to work the gap up.

Meanwhile, back in the pack, JT and one of Jimmy's Mix1 teammates were sitting on wheels to frustrate the chasers. The gap started to grow, and Jimmy and Joe kept pouring on the coals, splitting the primes to keep the pace high.

It was a great relief when the time counter changed to 5 laps to go, as the continuous effort was taking its toll on both riders. Just when Joe thought the break was certain to succeed, a couple of the chasers renewed their efforts, and brought the gap way down. At 4 to go, the pack was only a few seconds behind, and the catch seemed to be imminent. Glancing back, Jimmy moaned in disbelief, and dug even deeper to bring their speed up over 30 mph. Joe tried to offer a little more on his pulls as well, and suddenly the gap was creeping back up.

With one to go, they had a little breathing room, so Joe prepared himself, then launched prior to the final corner to take another blue W. Having confunded the chasers, JT was positioned to contend for the field sprint to take the final podium spot, but a lapped rider forced him to hit the brakes in the final corner, relegating him to 4th behind Chris Stout.

Vic's Steve Worley Takes Gold

Wednesday was a good night for the Vic's 55+ riders as Steve Worley took the gold in a perfectly ridden time of 2:27:863. Barry Messmer had everyone's jaw dropping when he rode a first 1K just 1/100 slower than Steve to eventually finish 4th on the night. Had Barry not had to go over the top of the other rider in his heat as he entered turn 1 and 2 he might easy have beaten 3rd place finisher Shannon Fox. Dennis rode to 7th place in the talented field.
Gerry "the Jet" Greenleaf rode to 14th place in the 50+ field which was dominated by a record setting ride of 2:19:661 by powerhouse Larry Norman.
Teammates Spanky, Dean, Randy, Lars, Susan and Brad were all there to see our boys collect their medals

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Master National Track - when the blue boys are on

sjw's guess on who is doing what

AM sessions start at 9:00AM, except Sunday at 10:00am
PM sessions start at 6:00PM
{Rain mucks everything up and things shift}

Tuesday AM - Twitch and Lars? 500m, Neal Kilo
Tuesday PM - Jet, Barry 500m, Joe Kilo?

Wednesday AM - Lars and Twitch 2K, Neal 3K
Wednesday PM - Steve, Barry, Dennis, Jet 2K, Joe Points Race?

Thursday AM - Twitch 200m
Thursday PM - Twitch Match Sprints

Friday AM -
Friday PM - Twitch Points Race

Saturday AM - Jet Points Race (?)
Saturday PM - Steve, Barry, Lars, Neal Points Race

Sunday AM - Steve, Jet, Barry, TTT

Vic's Criterium Photos

I've got the first gallery of photos from The Vic's Crit up in the Gallery Section of the Website
This is a gallery covering all the races and podiums. A second Gallery of Vic's riders will be added later. I'm also adding to the Team Album gallery so send along photos you would like to include

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

National Masters Track Schedule

The National Masters Track championship schedule is here

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Photos From Vic's Prospect

A few shots of the Vic's team

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vic's Prospect Criterium, August 8, 2009

Colorado Master's Criterium Championships will be this Saturday in Prospect, Colorado near Longmont, CO

The race is sponsored by Vic's Espresso. Volunteers helping at the race include members of the cycling teams receiving sponsorship from Vic's Espresso including Vic's Espresso/Peerless Cycling Team, and Team Rio Grande. The first race is scheduled to begin at 7:45am, the last race, the Senior Men Pro 1/2 category will begin at 6:00pm for 1 hour. Come out to watch and support the event.

More information about the Prospect Criterium bike race can be found at these links:
Race Website
Race Flyer
Race Directions