Thursday, August 13, 2009

Master National Track - when the blue boys are on

sjw's guess on who is doing what

AM sessions start at 9:00AM, except Sunday at 10:00am
PM sessions start at 6:00PM
{Rain mucks everything up and things shift}

Tuesday AM - Twitch and Lars? 500m, Neal Kilo
Tuesday PM - Jet, Barry 500m, Joe Kilo?

Wednesday AM - Lars and Twitch 2K, Neal 3K
Wednesday PM - Steve, Barry, Dennis, Jet 2K, Joe Points Race?

Thursday AM - Twitch 200m
Thursday PM - Twitch Match Sprints

Friday AM -
Friday PM - Twitch Points Race

Saturday AM - Jet Points Race (?)
Saturday PM - Steve, Barry, Lars, Neal Points Race

Sunday AM - Steve, Jet, Barry, TTT

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