Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vic's Steve Worley Takes Gold

Wednesday was a good night for the Vic's 55+ riders as Steve Worley took the gold in a perfectly ridden time of 2:27:863. Barry Messmer had everyone's jaw dropping when he rode a first 1K just 1/100 slower than Steve to eventually finish 4th on the night. Had Barry not had to go over the top of the other rider in his heat as he entered turn 1 and 2 he might easy have beaten 3rd place finisher Shannon Fox. Dennis rode to 7th place in the talented field.
Gerry "the Jet" Greenleaf rode to 14th place in the 50+ field which was dominated by a record setting ride of 2:19:661 by powerhouse Larry Norman.
Teammates Spanky, Dean, Randy, Lars, Susan and Brad were all there to see our boys collect their medals

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Julia M. Wieck TONIC said...

Congratulations!! Awesome.