Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't be a dummeric...

After taking a few trips to Belgium to ride the cobbled roads of West Flanders and the hills of the Ardennes, I received a few important tips from my friend that lives in Lichtervelde (West Flanders). Riding on the crown of the cobbled roads and riding in an echelon while fighting the winds from the North Sea were pretty straightforward. The hard part came after the ride...

Ordering a beer - A pintje is beer like jupiler (see pic), stella, maes, and other lower alcohol content beers. If you order this type of beer, don't expect the full-bodied taste that Belgian beer is known for.

The full-bodied beers such as Rodenbach, kriek, gauze, and the Trappist
es beers are always called by the name of the beer. You have to remember these pack a punch...I learned the hard way while downing a few too many Trappistes and Trippels in Brugge. I staggered out of the pub in Brugge feeling a bit like a dummeric, but I learned my lesson. Oddly enough, I had my best race around the Kemmelburg after this incident in 45 degree rainy conditions the next morning. I doubt you will ever hear Neal H. suggesting this type of race preparation, but I was on vacation and trying to keep up w/my Belgian hosts and other fietsers.

I am pretty sure most of these racers did not choose the same pre-race prep as I did, but you don't often get to experience Brugge like I did. If you go, try to find de Garre and don't be a dummeric...

Tot Ziens,
Scott R.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Haystack TTT

Race Report and Results: Haystack Mountain Time Trial, Boulder, CO
In the ITT Burt Henry put his name at the top of the list for 45+ riders with a scorching 34:02. To put this in perspective Peter Stetina won the Pro’s in 32:17 (Peter was 4th or 5th in the World as a U-23 rider last year). Burt’s time was 10th fastest among all competitors on Sunday.
Last year Jim Dickerson, (Colorado TT Champion) won the 45+ with a 36:29.

In the TTT the 35’s put on a stellar show to finish 3rd (keep in mind only one guy was in his 30's from our team).
1st – Excel Sports – 32:19 (Nico T.-3rd at Masters Nats in 2008, Kevin Nicol, Bob Dahl, etc.
2nd – Mix 1 – 34:33
3rd – Vic’s/Peerless – 35:38

1st – Vic’s/Peerless – 33:47
2nd – Mix 1 – 34:05
3rd – Gread Divide – 34:24
4th – Natural Grocers – 34:28
5th – Excel – 34:38
6th – Green Mt. – 34:42
The 45+ is going to have a lot of serious racing this year with some exceptionally strong teams. Six teams separated by less than one minute.

1st – Vic’s/Peerless – 36:11
2nd – Team Evergreen – 43:36

Even though the course was slightly shorter in 2009 the times were clearly faster.
35+ 37:21 in 2008 improved to 35:38
45+ 34:43 in 2008 improved to 33:47
55+ 37:37 in 2008 improved to 36:11

Raise a Glass to the Classics

1 month, six races, and 1 cheater later

Let’s raise a glass as April slips away and the Classics are now a memory. Ah but not just any glass, a glass of Belgium’s finest. So on your next trip to the “store” search out the best. There are only seven breweries in the world officially entitled to call themselves “Authentic Trappiste Breweries”. Six are located in Belgium and one is in the Netherlands, (la biere trappiste) they are :

Achel, Westmalle, Rochefort, Chimay, Westvleteren, Orval, and Koningshoeven (La Trappe)

It is time to learn to order a beer:
  • Flemish Belgium (Dutch north): to order a standard working class Belgian beer ask for een pintje (a pint, pronounced "ayn pinch ya"). An pintje is beer like jupiler, stella, maes, and other Beers in this category. The better Belgian beers - Rodenbach, kriek, gauze…. are always called by the name of the beer. This is also true for the trapist beers above. To order these it is best to order them by name.
  • French-speaking Belgium (French south): ask for une bière (pronounced "oon bee-yair").
Other things you need to know:
How to say “one more beer please”:
In Dutch: Nog een pintje a.u.b.
In French: Encore une biérre s’il vous plait
In German: Noch ein bier bitte

In Flemish Belgium (Dutch north), a stamcafe is where the locals hang out.

“Cheers” is proost or gezondheid in Flemish (north), and santé (sahn-tay) in French (south). They also say ‘Santé’ in the North but this is more dialect. Obviously it is very important to know where you are at all times in Belgium, so a map is always handy.

What you should eat with your Beer:
Specialties like mussels, the world's best fries (frites!), wild hare, hop sprouts, leeks, smoked ham from the Ardennes region, soups, eels, a variety of tarts and of course waffles.

Read more about Belgian Trappist Beer and more history about Beer and the Monks

Next stop – ITALY! and the Giro d'Italia beginning May 9th!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Boulder Shoots for Guinness World Record™ Largest Bike Bell Ensemble

On Saturday, May 9th a group of Boulder residents are chiming in to break the Guinness World Record™ for the Largest Bike Bell Ensemble—the most people ringing their bike bells at once to a recognizable song for at least five minutes.

The current record is held by a German group and stands at 503 bike bell ringers. The Boulder community is aiming for 1,000 bike bell ringers to illustrate their combined thumb strength and ability to strum a single note for a sustained period of time. It will take a committed group of individuals to defeat the Germans! Boulder can do it!

The Philanthropic Connection: A group of parents from the Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS) created this event on behalf of Leson Dunkley, cancer patient. Leson, a teacher at BCSIS for six years, has four children and is entering her 3rd round of chemotherapy. The funds raised from the event will help Leson and her children keep their home.

You can help by participating in the event, encouraging your family and friends to participate and by forwarding this blog to everyone you know locally, especially those with distribution lists—cycling groups, cancer support groups, etc.

Can you think of anything more "feel good" to do on a Saturday afternoon?

For more information please go to Ring Your Bike Bell for Leson.

Haystack 45+ ITT and TTT

Race Report and Results: Haystack Mountain Time Trial, Boulder, CO
ITT Burt Henry 1st 45+

TTT 1st 45+
Team members: Joe Paulson, Mike Newsome, Dean Sandoval, John Talley, Burt Henry
Author: Burt Henry

After winning in such impressive fashion last year, the pressure was on for us to keep the streak alive. JT and I were new to the team in the 45's. We really had just one good full practice day. With Len's guidance and help we improved immensely in the course of just one day.

I felt some pressure myself as I really wanted to pull off the double. I had been getting faster each week at Cherry Creek and though I had yet to win this year, I finally felt dialed on my Specialized Transition. I thought I was close to popping a good one.

I felt great on race day and had good legs. I felt like I was having a good ride, but there were no rivals around so sometimes you can get lulled into a false sense of security. That didn't happen, and I stayed focused, coming through with an excellent ride of 34:04, easily winning the 45+. I felt a huge relief when I saw the results. I only had a little over 1 hour between races then reality set in. I CAN"T let down my teammates. I tried to stuff in recovery food and drink but it was tough to get anything down. I knew I had to though or risk bonking.

We gathered and did our last minute discussions on details and did a quick spin out to the start. My legs hurt REALLY bad in spite of cooling down and keeping them moving.

I led us out with Joe, Dean, JT, and Mike behind. We had a west/NW wind and we kept it under control with everyone doing fairly equal pulls off to the left. Mike pulled us at a perfect pace up the hill at lefthand canyon and on the next rotation through the turn. We did this section well. We were under control and somewhat smooth, although it was a bit nervous setting up a little left of the white line on 36 to allow for a slight echelon. I tried to talk alot throughout the race but between the wind and the helmets it was difficult at times to hear.

After the turn I hit the front and with the slight quartering tailwind and slight downhill, quickly got into the 55x11. After a long pull, everyone took one rotation of pulls, then I took the front again before the first long downhill. One more rotation through and Mike took me through the S turns before the last long downhill. I hit the front for this and carried the momentum downhill until the road leveled, and then we resumed our rotation.

At this point we got a bit ragged. The transition with JT and Dean wasn't going smoothly and Dean started to struggle. Mike led us up the hill toward the lake and again perfectly dropped me off at the top to go through the downhill around the lake. After I rotated back, I saw Dean was gone.

Mike led us through the turn and we then switched our rotation side to the right. Mike punched it hard out of the turn and we got split up briefly, but then regrouped. Things got a bit fuzzy here. At some point John said he was hurting and started sitting out pulls. Also the wind shifted to out of the southeast. I made an error in not recognizing this right away.

This was not our best section. Mike led us up the only real hill and after we rotated through again, he dropped me off at the top of the hill on 73rd. I led us down and then out the flat for as long as I could. At some point around here JT was gone. It was then that I started in with hunger pains. Oh, crap, a bonk is coming. I told myself that I usually have 20 more minutes of glycogen when this occurs, so ignore it and I did.

I then realized the wind had shifted, so I switched the rotation to the left. Mike took us through the last turn and the 3 of us charged home. We really clicked on the homestretch. We were tight, smooth and efficient and all working hard each pull. I do remember when I thought there were maybe 3K to go, I said I'm going to really drive it for a long time and got on the front in the 55x12 until I was redlining. Mike took another good pull and then Joe took us through the S turns.

I then said hang on and drove the last K+ in the 55x11. I heard Len on the side scream encouragement. I make a couple of head checks through my legs to make sure we were all aboard. We hit the line tight as a drum and completely spent in 33:47, almost 1 minute faster than last years team (The course was shorter by 15 seconds or so this year).

What a blast that was! We all contributed and with a few kinks to iron out, I think we will go even faster.

Dean and JT came along soon after the finish and we noodled back to the parking lot. I started feeling very dizzy and out of it when I found my car. That was my bonk. Later at home, Joe called with the news that we had won. Again, relief.

...Cool, Vic's had pulled off the double!

Haystack Team Time Trial

Team Event: Vic's Espresso Team Meeting

Vic's Espresso/Peerless teammates signing Sponsor thank yous at our Sunday morning team meeting (Jim, Dennis, Barry, Steve, Burt). Bill Coffin led the meeting in preparation for the Rabbit Moutain Time Trial next Sunday which is sponsored by our Team. We met at Daphne's home (who wasn't even there - but thanks Daphne!)

and later in the day the Vic's Espresso M55+ warming up at Randy's house before the Haystack Team Time Trial. (Randy Gaffney, Barry Messmer, Dennis Hasting) - having a laugh pre-race.

And Steve Worley. Paul Mack the 5th member of the M55+ TTT is not pictured - he was out riding around some place.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Deer Trail 55+ Race Report

Race Report and Results: Deer Trail Road Race, CO
Deer Trail, cold and dreary conditions prevailed, the different news was - minimal WIND. The roads were dry, but cold enough for most everyone to layer up.

Pre-race discussions lowered team expectations on the possible success of a cross-wind team echelon, but it was to be considered in route. Because of a presumed significant uphill finish sprint Barry and Bill were selected as final sprint candidates with Paul and Steve controlling the competitors. Not knowing the fitness of the competition, this being the first head to head road race, and knowing many many many hills were on the plate we thought attrition would be a factor and we were willing to hold our cards until the final 10 miles or so.

The peloton rolled out full - 50 rider capacity for the race.

Shannon Fox, a new 55+ racer, rolled off the front and began building a TT'er lead. Vic's put some power on the front with Barry and Jon, but the other teams were not contributing. SF continue to extend the lead. At the first turn around the lead was out to 20 seconds.

I (SW) conferred with Paul about the uncontrolled situation. We needed to to something. I, being a fat butt with a sprint, sprinted a hill top and put full power on running down hill - trying to perturb the other teams to apply some horsepower. With an expert move, and to SW's delight, the first jersey to show up was Vic's - on the back of Paul. One small guy came with PM and we had a gap - so, we began a two
man TT. Of course we gave the little guy the option - play or
pay. He paid - another good move by Paul.

What ensued next was a road race wake-up call. Shannon had 30 seconds and it took PM and SW about 30 minutes to finally reach him. The threesome equally shared the work and we build the lead out to 1:20. The perfect situation then suffered a set back. PM had a few chain mechanicals and came out of the break.

A that point the break strategy changed. SF was in charge of the pace - and as it turns out was the STRONGEST man in the race. At each turn around and moto-report the chase group was closing, but three Vic's were on board. SW gave SF some short pulls for encouragement and to keep some pace as the miles tick bye. Finally, the 1km mark appeared at which time SF and SW were overtaken by cat 4 lead group that had been
passed earlier. The sprinting open early and the cat 4's were too slow. SW threaded the needle back through the group with SF in tow beginning 400m out - in the clear
and with a final kick at 200m and SF suffering from previous work done - it was clear
victory for Vic's.

Meanwhile, the shattered remains of the peloton with Barry and Bill caught Paul with 6 miles to go. Rio Grand’s sprinter, Myers was there rested and ready. At 400 M to go Paul led out the Vic’s sprinters but Myers flirting with disqualification, crossed the yellow line to take third.

PS: SW has ridden and raced against SF since 1988 - and has been on both sides
of the winning and losing equation. At the end of the race SW called SF aside and acknowledged he was the strongest man on the day. SF said "I thought you might give me the race". SW said "sorry I could not do that - I race for Vic's not for SW alone"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

KHMTT - week three

Race Report and Results: Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series, Cherry Creek, CO
The Vic's top ITT'ers had to settle for two second place finishes this week. Both Dennis and Burt slotted into the silver medal position with good rides under idealconditions. With temps in the 70's and no wind everyone enjoys the chance to ride for personal records and continue preparation for TTT's and state championships.
Results @

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rabbit Mountain Time Trial

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time Trial Race

For Information about the Rabbit Mountain Time Trial sponsored by Vic's/Peerless Boulder Masters Cycling Team click here

To register for the Rabbit Mountain Individual Time Trial or the Rabbit Mountain Team Time Trial on May 3, 2009 click here

To view a map of the course of the Rabbit Mountain Time Trial in Hygiene, CO click here
A race Flyer may be found on this page here

To view the 2008 Rabbit Mountain Individual Time Trial Results click here
To view the 2008 Rabbit Mountain Team Time Trial Results click here

Thursday, April 16, 2009

KHMTT Images

Race Images: Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series, Cherry Creek, CO
Images from The Cherry Creek Time Trial
Steve Worley

Dennis Hasting

Dennis on the home stretch heading for Victory.

(my camera got stuck for Andy Pruitt, I missed his photo, shucks. The rest of the team I will try to get in coming weeks)

Masters Track Nationals 2009

Major Taylor Velodrome now has their calender published on the web. Not yet listed in August are the Masters Track Nationals. This from the Major Taylor Velodrome... Can not confirm or deny that the event may move, ... it will all be sorted out in the next few weeks....;show_favorites=1;cmd=calmonth;from_MM0=3;from_DD=16;from_YYYY=2009;to_MM0=3;to_DD=16;to_YYYY=2009;key=;dates=all;searchStartDate=4%2F16%2F2009;searchEndDate=4%2F16%2F2009;y=2009;d=1;m=8

KHMTT week two - Dennis Again!

Race Report and Results: Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series, Cherry Creek, CO
Finishes at the KHMTT were pretty much the same during week two - except condition were very different - Cherry Creek reservoir was near white capped wave condition. Just who could handle the wind?

Dennis rode about 1 minute slower than last week but still held the top of the charts with a 7 second victory over multi-TT champion Wayne Watson - this could be a first for DH. Overall this group had the top-5 within 30 seconds of each other.

Burt was inched out of victory, another 2nd place, by a mere 3 seconds. Other placings in the 45+ group are about a minute further back. This week was a two horse race.

BTW: if you didn't know Vic's has a good roster at the KHMTT
  • Dennis
  • Burt
  • Steve
  • Brandon
  • Andy
  • Dean
  • Karen (on the scene for enjoyment)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rumor has it... Major is out and the Springs is in

Rumor has it... from an insider in Colorado Springs ... that discussions are under way to move Masters Track Nationals from the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis to Colorado Springs! Stay tuned, more to come soon... at this time however, this an unconfirmed rumor... Later, the Jet

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Victory Salute Like a PRO

Just in case Len hadn't covered all the racing technique drills for you - this is worth thinking about.

Victory Salute Like a PRO

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I love the Classics

It culminated today in Boonen’s win at Paris-Roubaix.
When I think of the spring classics I think of Belgium. However Paris-Roubaix is a French race, on French terrain, but it runs to the doorstep of Belgium, so if a Belgian wins Paris-Roubaix they become a National hero. Boonen of course is Belgian, he won, and he is more than a hero.

To me the images of Paris-Roubaix are the cobbles, the weather, the spectators, and the flags. Although the race is on French territory, the Belgian flags were very prominent today. If you watched the race coverage today – you saw them flying high.

Belgium is 58% Dutch, the northern more prosperous area is called Flanders where they speak Dutch (Flemish). The Flag of Flanders is the bright yellow flag with the black lion. The south of Belgium is called Wallonie where they speak French. The flag of Wallonie is the bright yellow flag with the red rooster. The Belgium flag is the black/yellow/red vertically striped flag. So if you've been wondering what those flags represent - you now know.

Today we saw the Belgian pride demonstrated along the route with all three flags flying high above thousands of spectators. OK, let’s try to ignore those fans booing the non-Belgian riders and those running across the roads in front of the riders; because in the end Tom Boonen won for a second year in a row! It was a great race to watch.

Tommeke! Tommeke! Tommeke! The pride of the north.

to learn about the Regions, Provinces, and Flags of the Provinces of Belgium


Saturday, April 11, 2009

CVA '09, message from Claire

Hello Friends!

There have been a lot of rumors flying around and I know most everyone is in the dark as to why we have not yet published a calendar or a track opening date, and so we’d like to make you all aware of the situation that the CVA is currently dealing with that has caused this information to be delayed.

For as many years as any of us can remember, the USOC, and in particular John Cotton, as an employee of the USOC, has been very flexible with us during our summers, often staying open 7 days a week for as many hours as John could stand. Usually during the summers it is not unusual for John to work over 60 hours a week. We have been spoiled in that regard and hopefully we are all able to recognize that. This past month, the USOC cut sixty jobs (thankfully not John’s) and are attempting to cut millions of dollars from their budget. Our track, being a facility owned by the USOC, is subject to the USOC’s choices in terms of scaling back. We were originally told that the track would only be open on the weekends and certainly not at any time in which we would need to use the lights.

With the help of Pat McDonough, who has left USA Cycling, we have a proposal into the USOC to open the track and staff it. Our proposal is still being assessed by the USOC and as a result, nothing has been posted or set in stone in terms of the CVA calendar. Pat is working hard with the USOC to continue to make our track racing and usage a reality. As soon as there is a response back from the USOC, we will get everything put up online immediately!

We want everyone to be aware that if our proposed plan goes through with the USOC, things are going to change quite a bit. There will still be Tuesday and Thursday night racing, our normal weekend races (sprint days, TT day, creamed corn, districts, etc.) but training availability times are going to change. There will not be as much flexibility and training times will be set times during the week. This is a big change for our track, but we are asking everyone to stay positive, give us feedback, and help the community to adapt as a whole to these changes.

On an uplifting note (provided the proposal is approved): we are going to work hard this year to turn Thursday nights into a big deal, not only for our riders, but also for spectators and the community as a whole. We are looking at a potentially huge season this year with the opening of the Boulder track and an increased rider base. We are really excited to use this opportunity and turn Thursday nights into sponsor nights with feature races, crowds and large racing fields.

So, this is what is going on. We apologize for not posting this and communicating sooner. Help spread the word among your fellow riders and help spread the correct information. If you have any other questions or concerns, email and let us know. We will post as soon as we hear from the USOC. One last note, when you see Pat McDonough around this summer, please thank him for all of his hard work! Please also take every opportunity you get to thank John Cotton for all he does and has done and will continue to do for the CVA. John is our greatest support and without him, we would not have functioned for 25+ years!


Claire Landis-Tyson on behalf of The CVA Board

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1st Vic's win at KHMTT

Race Report and Results: Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series, Cheery Creek, CO

Just to add to Karen's summary. The storming Dennis Hastings racked the first Vic's win at the KHMTT. No one was within 45 seconds of Diesel Hastings @ 23:05.

Also noteworthy, Burt, another race of truth expert, was a strong second place in the 45+ group.

Stay tuned, weekly we have alot of fun down there, especially when the weather cooperates. Without a doubt everyone gets a good dose of suffering.

Cherry Creek Time Trial Series

Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial at Cherry Creek State Park

The first time trial series of the year began last night at Cherry Creek Reservoir and will continue every Wednesday night from 04/09/09 - 05/20/09. Vic's Espresso has 6 team members participating in the time trial series this year. Go Vic's!

KHMTT Website
Results at ACA

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We are sponsored by Vic's Espresso after all

It's Time to Make a Coffee Run

An interesting article in The New York Times about the affect of caffeine on athletic performance.  Read it here: have a cup

Monday, April 6, 2009

BMCT Winter 2009 Track Team

Indoor Velodrome in Boulder, CO
What’s happens when the Vic’s/Peerless Boulder Master Cycling Team has an opportunity for winter training at Boulder’s first indoor velodrome? How about 5 track records!

Front Row (L-to-R) Jim Kinsinger, Larry Bosch, Steve Worley, Zack Gould
Second Row (L-to-R) Neal Henderson, Jerry Greenleaf, Paul Mack, Barry Messmer
Back Row (L-to-R) Joe Paulson, Alden Lowney, Scott Rost, Bill Brant
Note: BMCT Track riders not in photo; Brad Wallace, John Tally and Dennis Hastings

BMCT Track riders just completed a 12 week coached program on the new Boulder Indoor Velodrome. What started out to develop safe track riding skills evolved to include several hotly contested track racing events.

Many thanks to several of the coaches that helped us along the way, Colby Pearce (just finished 6th in the Worlds Points Race), Cari Higgins (current multiple event Senior Track Champion) and Neal Henderson (just successfully guided Taylor Phinny to be the youngest Track World Champion ever), not to mention the wisdom provided by BMCT’s own Masters National Track Champions, Steve Worley, Larry Bosch, Paul Mack and Brad Wallace.

It started with track safety, how to enter and exit over the ‘cote azure’. The next lesson was to NOT ride too slow! This was the most difficult lesson of all, as we did have several riders slide off the 47% bank walls. I won’t mention any names but you know who you are... Above all, we learned to communicate, a few simple track commands; stick, stay, rail and pole. In the beginning our pace line was ragged, with some overlaps and gaps, as we were not yet comfortable riding close together in such tight turns. Over time this changed, as we got comfortable on the 130 meter track and our skills improved.

Over the 12 weeks we developed a series of drills that included Pace Line work (on the stayers line and in the sprinters lane), Standing Starts, Individual Sprints, Team Sprints aka Olympic sprints, Hot Laps, Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit, Under / Over team drill, and mass start racing events (scratch and points).

The most contested event was the Team Pursuit where the 45+ racers took on the old guys (55+). Our old guys rock, they own this event as they finished the season undefeated, the fact is we were never close, they were that good. Proof that experience and treachery can overcome youth and vitality. We took names, and will be looking forward to redemption.

Our speed is best demonstrated by the 4 ‘Hot Lap’ records on the board at the track. A “Hot Lap’ is when you wind it up on your own, get to top speed then drop into the sprinters lane at full throttle for an electronically timed lap. Congratulations to the 4 currently on the board.

45-49 John Tally ‘JT’ 8.548
55-59 Steve Worley 8.879
60-64 Lars 9.079
65+ Jim Kinsinger 8.982

Honorable mention to Joe Paulson who held the 45-49 record for several weeks, until JT recently broke it. Good job guys, just keep it in the house.

Just how fast is a Hot Lap? Lets look at JT’s lap, 130 meters in 8.548 seconds = 54.7 KM per hour =
34 MPH! at 136 crank RPM! (using a 48/15).

One of the most electric moments was when ‘Old School’ met ‘New School’. In a 2 up attack drill, our own Junior Zack Gould with ‘Colby’ (only one name required), attacked and lapped the pace line using the sprinters lane. That session they had the ‘Hottest’ laps we had ever seen, ah yes, the inspiration of youth.

We have a tie for most improved BMCT Trackie between Jim and JT. Both started a little tentatively… and both ripped some smoking hot laps!

We also invited and trained on the track with Whitey DeBroux, our sponsor from Vic’s Espresso. How great is that to have a sponsor who can train with the team? Whitey is in this team portrait taken under the track.

I can’t say enough about my teammates. Thanks to their professionalism and diplomacy, the 12 weeks worked well for all of us to improve our cycling skills and our ability to work together as a team. Some early results are in, and we have seen power improvements by as much as 7% over the 12 week period.

For any athlete over the age of 50 this level of improvement is great news, as more often than not you see a slight decrease each year, some measure success by minimizing the decrease. However, with the testing and training insight we get from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, these guys are like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with age.

Yours Truly, Jerry the Jet A track ‘Weenie’ and proud of it!

Note: On Thursday evening April 2, ‘the Jet’ set the 50+ record for most laps in an hour, at 312, al la Merckx style (sans aero gear). This was a lap more than the current record for the 40+ as well. “I only wish I had more fast twitch so I could get on the board with a one lap effort!”

How does one set an hour on a fixed gear? Lets look at the numbers:
25.2 MPH (with 624 U turns!) = 40.6 KMPH
47/15 82.4 gear inches (close to a 53/17)
11.5 sec per lap average
312 laps
103 crank rpm average cadence
HR - Ride above your LT for an hour

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Spring Classics are in the air

If this is April we must be in Belgium!

April is here and that means some of the best one-day races of the season are upon us:

The Classics’ 2009
  • Sun April 5 Tour of Flanders - “Vlaanderens mooiste” ("Flanders's finest") The race starts in Brugge. Last year’s winner: Stijn Devolder
  • Wed April 8 Gent- Wevelgem – “sprinters' classic” due to its flat finishing terrain. The race start in Deinze. Last year’s winner: Oscar Freire
  • Sun April 12 Paris Roubaix – “the hell of the north”, also has been called “A Sunday in Hell”, “Queen of the Classics” or “La Pascale” (the Easter race). The race starts in Compiegne. Last year’s winner: Tom Boonen
  • Sun April 19 Amstel Gold - Last year’s winner: Damiano Cunego
  • Wed April 22 Fleche-Wallone - Last year;s winner: David Rebellin
  • Sun April 26 Liege Bastogne Liege - La Doyenne ("the oldest") Last year’s winner: Alejandro Valverde
About the Races
Early-season dates mean that riders are often tested by cold, wind and rain. Spectators (Schloogs) by the hundred’s of thousands line the route to cheer on their favorite heroes, while inside, those watching on TV, hope for brutal weather conditions to add to the drama of the race. The races are long, cobbled, and have stopped only for two world wars, and the occasional train (Boonen was not happy about the train)!

Some Links
2009 Tour of Flanders, preliminary start list
2009 Ghent-Wevelgem preliminary start list
Five Reasons Why You Must Not Miss The Tour of Flanders
Pez Does Flanders: Day zero - preview of the course

Which climbs are in which race:
Tour of Flanders: Murr de Grammont, Koppenberg, Eikenberg, Taaienberg.
Gent- Wevelgem: Kemmelberg
Paris-Roubaix: forest of Arenberg pave, Carrefour the l’Arbre, velodrome in Roubaix.

You could do it too:
Citizen rides / Cyclosportifs:
Sat April 4 Citizens Ride: Tour of Flanders Cyclosportif ; 140km or the 70km.
Sat April 18 Citizens Ride: Tourversion Amstel Gold Race - Nederlands

Some fun facts
Yes Gent is the same as Ghent, same city, 2 names: Ghent – French, Gent - Dutch

How to pronounce Gent- Wevelgem
Gent Wevelgem = ghent vay-vul-gum

How to pronounce Paris Roubaix
Paris Roubaix = Pah-ree Roo-bay

How to pronounce Ronde van Vlaanderen
Have a few Belgium beers and give it your best try.