Monday, April 27, 2009

Haystack Team Time Trial

Team Event: Vic's Espresso Team Meeting

Vic's Espresso/Peerless teammates signing Sponsor thank yous at our Sunday morning team meeting (Jim, Dennis, Barry, Steve, Burt). Bill Coffin led the meeting in preparation for the Rabbit Moutain Time Trial next Sunday which is sponsored by our Team. We met at Daphne's home (who wasn't even there - but thanks Daphne!)

and later in the day the Vic's Espresso M55+ warming up at Randy's house before the Haystack Team Time Trial. (Randy Gaffney, Barry Messmer, Dennis Hasting) - having a laugh pre-race.

And Steve Worley. Paul Mack the 5th member of the M55+ TTT is not pictured - he was out riding around some place.

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