Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't be a dummeric...

After taking a few trips to Belgium to ride the cobbled roads of West Flanders and the hills of the Ardennes, I received a few important tips from my friend that lives in Lichtervelde (West Flanders). Riding on the crown of the cobbled roads and riding in an echelon while fighting the winds from the North Sea were pretty straightforward. The hard part came after the ride...

Ordering a beer - A pintje is beer like jupiler (see pic), stella, maes, and other lower alcohol content beers. If you order this type of beer, don't expect the full-bodied taste that Belgian beer is known for.

The full-bodied beers such as Rodenbach, kriek, gauze, and the Trappist
es beers are always called by the name of the beer. You have to remember these pack a punch...I learned the hard way while downing a few too many Trappistes and Trippels in Brugge. I staggered out of the pub in Brugge feeling a bit like a dummeric, but I learned my lesson. Oddly enough, I had my best race around the Kemmelburg after this incident in 45 degree rainy conditions the next morning. I doubt you will ever hear Neal H. suggesting this type of race preparation, but I was on vacation and trying to keep up w/my Belgian hosts and other fietsers.

I am pretty sure most of these racers did not choose the same pre-race prep as I did, but you don't often get to experience Brugge like I did. If you go, try to find de Garre and don't be a dummeric...

Tot Ziens,
Scott R.

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