Monday, April 27, 2009

Boulder Shoots for Guinness World Record™ Largest Bike Bell Ensemble

On Saturday, May 9th a group of Boulder residents are chiming in to break the Guinness World Record™ for the Largest Bike Bell Ensemble—the most people ringing their bike bells at once to a recognizable song for at least five minutes.

The current record is held by a German group and stands at 503 bike bell ringers. The Boulder community is aiming for 1,000 bike bell ringers to illustrate their combined thumb strength and ability to strum a single note for a sustained period of time. It will take a committed group of individuals to defeat the Germans! Boulder can do it!

The Philanthropic Connection: A group of parents from the Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS) created this event on behalf of Leson Dunkley, cancer patient. Leson, a teacher at BCSIS for six years, has four children and is entering her 3rd round of chemotherapy. The funds raised from the event will help Leson and her children keep their home.

You can help by participating in the event, encouraging your family and friends to participate and by forwarding this blog to everyone you know locally, especially those with distribution lists—cycling groups, cancer support groups, etc.

Can you think of anything more "feel good" to do on a Saturday afternoon?

For more information please go to Ring Your Bike Bell for Leson.

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