Monday, July 27, 2009

45+ Bannock Criterium

2nd 2nd
Mike Nields Memorial Bannock Street Criterium, July 26, 2009, Denver Colorado - Race Report and Results

On Sunday, the annual Mike Nields Memorial Bannock Street Criterium was held under varying weather conditions, with sunny weather greeting the 2 PM start of the 45 minute 45+ race. Lining up in Vic's blue were Joe Paulson, John Talley, and Brian Todeschini. As always, the pace was high on the fast and exciting course, made even more so by the deteriorating pavement conditions.

The blue boys marked or initiated several moves during the race, and JT picked up a cash prime, but nothing was going to stay away for long from the fast-moving field. JT spotted former US Professional Road Race champion Norm Alvis in the pack, and alerted Joe to his presence. Alvis had relegated Joe to 2nd last year in taking the win with an impressive final sprint, so the boys marked him closely.

On the final lap, JT, Brian, and Joe were lined up and fighting to maintain position near the front when Vitamin Cottage hit the front with their lead-out train with four corners to go. The move triggered a reshuffling of the race lead, and the Vic's riders fought to reestablish themselves just behind the leaders. Alvis was threading his way back up through traffic, so Joe tried to shadow him. JT had the same idea, and they were poised on his wheel heading up the hill with three blocks and one corner to go, when the pace eased, and the riders behind them started to swarm.

Joe jumped up and out to the right side to keep from getting blocked in, and found himself out in the wind with no likelihood of recapturing a protected position near the front. He knew it was too early, but figured hanging out in the breeze wasn't doing him any good, so he cranked it up and got a small gap and the hole shot for the final right turn onto the long finishing straight. Joe hit full speed and sprinted for the distant banner over the finish line, but one rider in a Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop kit named Barry Lee inched past and held a bike length advantage by the line, demoting Joe again to 2nd. JT grabbed the final spot in the top 10, and Brian finished 28th.

Mike Neilds Memorial Bannock Street Criterium Results

Our Team Cycling Blog

Vic’s Espresso/Peerless Cycling Team is reaching out to the community through our Team Blog

The team had a great race weekend in Lakewood and Denver, Colorado this past Saturday and Sunday. We also just received our 5000 Visitor to our team blog (and we’ve only been counting for the past 3.5 months!)

As expected most of our visitors are from the USA, and I do believe your competition is checking you out because many of our visitors are from the greater metro area outside of Boulder. We have had visitors from 49 different countries, with the top number of visitors from Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Japan!

The new Vic’s Espresso/Peerless Cycling Team website should be published in August. We have built our team blog and website with the intention to present our team to the community, communicate to team members, record our race history and events, offer more exposure to our sponsors, and offer information to other cyclists.

Thank you for posting, commenting, and reading our cycling blog. More to come ...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

45+ Federal Center Circuit Race

Beer me, Marge!

Colorado Bike Law Federal Center Circuit Race, Lakewood, CO, July 25, 2009 Race Report

On Saturday, Bill Brant, Joe Paulson, and John Talley represented the Vic's Espresso team in the 45+ Federal Center Circuit Race, contested this year in sunny, warm, and breezy conditions on a slightly modified course. With even more corners added, it seemed like the world's longest criterium.

It was also the final race in the Steamworks Cup series, rewarding the rider with the best results from races in three different disciplines with their weight in beer. After the first two races (Lookout Mountain hillclimb and HALO time trial), Burt Henry held a significant lead, but he wasn't able to make the final race, so it was up to Joe to try to claim the beer.

The attacks started early in the race, and an attentive Bill covered several moves. JT then was able to get into a number of breaks, allowing Bill and Joe to camp at the front on the wheels of the chasers. A long solo break by Great Divide's TT specialist Jim Dickerson was reeled in by a hard chasing Jimmy Gibson of the Mix1 team early in the final lap, setting the stage for a field sprint.

With two corners to go, Bill, JT, and Joe were lined up near the front, ready to start the blue lead-out train, when Scott Soden of Great Divide launched from in front of Joe. Joe knew Scott wouldn't be able to carry it to the line, but figured marking Scott would keep the field at bay, and jumped on his wheel.

As they approached the final turn, Joe bided his time in 2nd, realizing how long the finish straight is. He was just getting ready to jump, when Karl Keister blazed by in the inside gutter countering his teammates set-up, with an opportunistic Christopher Stout in his draft. Joe launched immediately around the turn, and was able to close down a fading Karl quickly, but Chris had a big gap and wasn't slowing. It's a good thing the finish straight is so long, because it took almost all of it for Joe to pull along side Chris, then eak out just a little more top end to beat him to the line for the win. JT was also able to get around Karl to grab the 3rd and final podium spot.

The win locked up the Steamworks Cup, and Joe was weighed on their nifty balance beam scale, where it was established that he weighs in at 4 and 1/2 cases of beer. He picked up another case for the win, and JT scored a 6 pack for 3rd, so even after each of the boys took home a sampler, and Joe dropped off a case for the crack mechanics at U-Bikes, there was plenty of suds left for the annual end-of-season team party.

However, it turned out that there were more Blue beer winnings to come. Bill lined up again shortly after the 45+ open finish to race again in the 45+ Cat 4 race, where he won a beer prime, then went on to grab another case by winning the race! Start planning now to attend the season-ending festivities!

Race Results Co. Bike Law Federal Center Circuit Race

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boulder Record Racer TT #6

More Vic's-tories!

Another large field turned out last night for week #6 of the Boulder Record Racer time trial series, contested under warm and fairly calm conditions. Many riders benefited from a bit of a tail wind, resulting in some fast times.

Christy Orris flew the blue in the SW 4 field, taking the win in a time of 27:45.

In Burt Henry's absence, Joe Paulson stepped up to continue the Vic's/Peerless domination of SM 45+ time trials, winning with a time of 24:23.

Bill Brant competed in the SM 4 category, riding the course in 27:04 to take 5th.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cheyenne Canyon Hillclimb TT

Author: Burt Henry

Today's race was a unique event for our race scene. Cheyenne canyon is a 3.2 mile climb which gains about 1200+ feet. The elevation gain is similar to Lookout mountain, but in 1.3 less miles, making for some steep grades. The route was closed to traffic and the weather sunny and warm.

The initial part of the climb had constant pitchy grade changes, while the upper half was basically just one grade: steep! I found myself searching for more gears a couple of times when I had maxed out the 39x27.

The Vic's boys raced it sight unseen. It was unmarked and it seemed that every time I shouted out "how much further," to onlookers, the reply was either "half mile" or "you're almost there". I was glad when the torture finally ended. I gave it my best effort to break the Mix-1 climbing stranglehold but to no avail. They grabbed the first 4 places in the 45+. Bill Simmons and Brandon Henry met with more success in their respective categories.

Team race results are below:

Brandon Henry 3rd 17-18 17:14 (2 seconds out of 2nd)

Burt Henry 5th 45+ 17:46 (7 seconds out of 3rd)

Dean Sandoval 10th 45+ 19:03

Bill Simmons 3rd 55+ 19:54 (3 seconds out of 2nd)

Cheyenne Canyon Time Trial Results

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boulder Record Racer TT #5

Burt Wins Again!

The 5th edition of the 2009 Boulder Record Racer Time Trial Series was contested last night under very hot and relatively calm conditions, a dramatic change from the wet and sometimes windy conditions of previous weeks. The result however, was the same: Burt Henry posted the best time of 25 minutes flat in a large field of 20 40+ riders, good for 9th overall.

Joe Paulson made his first appearance this year in the series, and was able to capture 2nd place in the 40+ class (15th overall) with a time of 25:44, holding off 3rd place finisher Clark Sheehan by 5 seconds.

Results for Boulder Record Time Trial Series July 08, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

2009 Masters Nationals, Day 9

US Master's Road National Championships, June 28-July 4, Louisville, KY
Criterium 07/04/09
Mens 45-49 Criterium: Fireworks on the 4th of July

The racing action returned to Churchill Downs this morning for the final day of the Masters Cycling National Championships. Vic's rider Joe Paulson lined up with a large field for the first event of the day, the mens 45-49 race. The temperature was in the high 60's and the skies were overcast, but the predicted rain was holding off as the scheduled 10 AM race got underway a little late, as has seemed to be the norm at these Nationals.

The first 10 laps were full tilt and the pack was strung out as various riders attempted to establish breaks, but nothing too serious was able to get away. Joe gambled that the field would stay together, and conserved his energy mid-pack. Excel rider Bob Dahl, on the other hand, initiated or followed a number of moves in the hope of making an escape from the field.

As the 50 lap, 25 mile race progressed, the speed became a little more reasonable, but it was difficult to maintain position near the front in the ever-surging pack. One effort to move back up brought Joe to the sharp end of the peloton, and he made a token appearance in the lead before tucking back behind the largest body he could find nearby.

In the final 10 laps, the speed increased again, and riders started taking creative lines through corners trying to move up, causing a number of near-crashes and shouting matches. Joe kept moving up when he could do so without great effort, but would then be swarmed by another surge, and find himself instantly 30 riders back again.

In the last 2 laps, yet another doomed break attempt was reeled in, and the full pack started jostling for final position. Joe found himself slamming on the brakes in every corner as desperate riders dove inside looking for lines. Half way through the last lap, Joe finally found an open lane and sprinted up the inside toward the front, but a rider in front of him closed it down just before the second to last corner, and Joe was involuntarily in brake mode again. It was wall-to-wall into the final turn 200 meters from the finish, and the inevitable contact between riders started a cascade of falling bodies and bikes that Joe braked again to avoid, then slipped past. He was able to hold off the riders behind him, but couldn't overtake those who had gotten through the corner cleanly, and crossed the line in 12th, with Bob Dahl finishing right behind him in 13th.

After a few warm-down laps, Joe wished good luck to Byron Nix, the Green Mountain 40-44 rider who was about to mount his title defense after winning out of a break on the same course last year, then headed to the van to mop off and pack up his bike. As he did so, it started to sprinkle, and Joe had to admit that he'd gotten some good weather breaks this year. Mike and Joe then headed through the tunnel under the horse track, made their now traditional post-Nationals pit stop at the nearest White Castle for 10 burgers and some fries, then headed west as the rain began to come down in earnest.

One other important task remained: espresso. The boys figured they'd need to stop in a bit for gas anyway, so they jumped on the interstate and enjoyed their sliders on the road. The rain came down harder, the gas gauge dropped, but their trusty GPS searched for coffee shops to no avail. They crossed the entire state of Indiana in a downpour and a caffeine drought. Finally, they pulled off the interstate and drove several miles into Mt. Vernon and filled the gas tank, but found the promised "Life's Little Perks" coffee shop closed for the holiday.

Increasingly desperate and grumpy, they exited again at O'Fallon, Illinois, where the GPS claimed they'd find a Starbucks. No 'Bucks, but the Schnuck's grocery at the identified coordinates had a Kaldi's Coffee stand inside, where they finally satisfied their coffee Jones with some mochas, and took the precautionary measure of purchasing a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans to avoid further caffeine trauma. As they got underway again, the rain finally stopped, and while the sun didn't appear, their moods certainly brightened.

Mike and Joe are now gazing once again at the Gateway Arch as they pass through St. Louis. The plan is to drive until they grow too weary, then stop for the night, and continue on to Colorado tomorrow. It's been an eventful trip to Nationals, and the boys are ready to go home.

Race Results for USA Cycling 2009 Masters Road National Champ, Louisville, KY
Criterium 07/04/09 Results

Friday, July 3, 2009

2009 Masters Nationals, Day 8

US Master's Road National Championships, June 28-July 4, Louisville, KY
Criterium 07/03/09
Mens 55-59 Criterium

Historic Churchill Downs was the venue today for the mens 55-59 criterium, which started half an hour late at 3:30 PM on a sunny and pleasant afternoon. Steve Worley lined up with a small but talented field to represent the Vic's team in the event.

The racing was fast and furious from the start, with a number of riders trying repeated attacks. With so many wheels to cover, Steve tried to be selective in his efforts, and half way through the 50 lap, 25 mile race was feeling good and sitting near the front.

Unfortunately, Bill Gilboe was able to escape on a solo attack, and was joined up front several laps later by Gordon Paulson. Working well together, the two put the race out of reach of the chasers, eventually catching the field. Three other riders also escaped to claim the rest of the podium positions, with the pack unable to mount a coordinated chase.

Coming up on the bell lap, Steve decided it was time to put his track skills to use, and launched out of the corner onto the home straight on a flying kilometer effort. He immediately opened a large gap, and was able to hold on for the full lap to solo in for 6th place.

After Steve cleaned up, Mike Newsome and Joe Paulson joined him in downtown Louisville, for dinner, then bid him farewell as he departed for his flight home. Mike and Joe returned to their hotel for one more night's stay before the mens 45-49 criterium tomorrow morning.

Race Results for USA Cycling 2009 Masters Road National Champ, Louisville, KY
Criterium 07/03/09 Results

Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009 Masters Nationals, Day 7


As he left Louisville yesterday to return home to Colorado, Burt Henry left a partial bottle of red wine in the care of Mike Newsome and Joe Paulson, so they felt compelled to finish it off to toast Burt's medal-worthy time trial ride. They then hit the sack for some much-needed rest.

No races were on the agenda for the Vic's team today, so the blue squad slept in. For Mike, that meant not getting up until almost 7:30 AM. For Joe it meant turning over and catching a few more z's, rising only when the threat of missing the complimentary breakfast drove him out of bed at 9:20 AM.

The boys took advantage of the first downtime in days to linger over breakfast, track down some good espresso (not an easy task in this corner of the state, even with a GPS), and do some laundry. Joe then went for an easy half hour recovery spin along the Ohio River, followed by a little bike wrenching.

Around 4:30 PM, teammate Steve Worley arrived at the boy's hotel after a delayed flight from Denver, and picked up his bike in preparation for his criterium tomorrow afternoon. Mike and Joe then headed out for some dinner, followed by a couple more errands, then returned to their room at the Hampton Inn for some more rest and relaxation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009 Masters Nationals, Day 6

US Master's Road National Championships, June 28-July 4, Louisville, KY
Individual Time Trial 07/01/09
Henry Hauls Home Hardware!

Vic's riders Burt Henry and Joe Paulson competed in the Men's 45-49 time trial today, held under mild but somewhat breezy conditions on a rolling to hilly 25.8 km course in Taylorsville, Kentucky. The blue boys arrived at the site about 2 hours prior to their start times in order to leave plenty of time to set up base and get good warm-ups.

After getting their canopy and trainers all set up, tires inflated, and so on, they were preparing to start their warm-ups when word came out that all start times had been pushed 1 hour back due to problems getting the course ready. The boys chilled out for a bit, then were again preparing to start their warm-ups when another 1 hour delay was announced.

A little more relaxation, a little food, and the first riders started to roll down the ramp from the start house, and it was finally on. After mounting their trainers, Burt found that his legs felt great after days of rest, but Joe's legs were complaining after the previous day's road race, and riding at LT hurt. Burt advised Joe to push through it, explaining that pushing through the pain in the warm-up would allow the legs to open up and feel better in the race.

Soon it was showtime, and Joe was down the ramp and onto the course. Sure enough, the legs felt better, and Joe focused on his power meter to avoid overcooking the steep hill right out of the gate. His pacing felt good, and his legs felt okay, but the end result was a disappointingly slow time.

At his appointed time, Burt rolled out of the start house, onto the course, and up the first climb. His 30 second "rabbit" put 20 seconds on Burt on the first climb, but Burt resisted the temptation to go too deep. Sure enough, when they reached the turn-around and headed back into the headwind, the rabbit died and Burt thundered past. His mass turning into an advantage on the downhill run-in to the finish, Burt carried his momentum to the line, sprinting in the drops the last meters in case precious seconds would be the difference between the podium and the also-rans.

The deep effort turned out to be well worth it, as Burt finished in 30:47.36, capturing 4th place and a long-sought place in the medals. The 5th place rider stopped the clock at 30:48.04, and the 6th place rider crossed the line at 30:49.10, earning nothing but heartache.

The new national champion, Matthew Wukasch, posted a blazing 30:16.83, and Mix1 rider Eugene Palumbo had a fine ride of 31:17.48 to round out the top 10. Joe wandered in at 33:43.27. Joe explained that front and rear flats had impeded his progress on the course, resulting in his mediocre time, but both tires had mysteriously re-inflated by the time he got back to the van.

In the 50-54 race, Mike Newsome was able to produce a medal-winning ride without even being able to get on his bike. Jim Dickerson flatted his disk while warming up, so Mike loaned him his, and Jim went on to capture 4th place. Individual Time Trial Results on 07/01/09

After the award ceremony (also delayed 2 hours), Burt and Brian Todeschi rushed to catch their flight home out of Indianapolis, and Mike and Joe dropped Eugene off at the Louisville airport, then headed out for some dinner. The consensus opinion of Joe's teammates was that he was too tense to ride well and needed to relax. Heeding their advice, Joe ordered a 24 ounce margarita with dinner, which seemed to improve his mood, if not his motor skills.