Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009 Masters Nationals, Day 7


As he left Louisville yesterday to return home to Colorado, Burt Henry left a partial bottle of red wine in the care of Mike Newsome and Joe Paulson, so they felt compelled to finish it off to toast Burt's medal-worthy time trial ride. They then hit the sack for some much-needed rest.

No races were on the agenda for the Vic's team today, so the blue squad slept in. For Mike, that meant not getting up until almost 7:30 AM. For Joe it meant turning over and catching a few more z's, rising only when the threat of missing the complimentary breakfast drove him out of bed at 9:20 AM.

The boys took advantage of the first downtime in days to linger over breakfast, track down some good espresso (not an easy task in this corner of the state, even with a GPS), and do some laundry. Joe then went for an easy half hour recovery spin along the Ohio River, followed by a little bike wrenching.

Around 4:30 PM, teammate Steve Worley arrived at the boy's hotel after a delayed flight from Denver, and picked up his bike in preparation for his criterium tomorrow afternoon. Mike and Joe then headed out for some dinner, followed by a couple more errands, then returned to their room at the Hampton Inn for some more rest and relaxation.

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Sarah said...

Joe, it's been fun to follow you and your team on the web! I was sorry to hear about Mike!
Good luck tomorrow!
-your sister