Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cheyenne Canyon Hillclimb TT

Author: Burt Henry

Today's race was a unique event for our race scene. Cheyenne canyon is a 3.2 mile climb which gains about 1200+ feet. The elevation gain is similar to Lookout mountain, but in 1.3 less miles, making for some steep grades. The route was closed to traffic and the weather sunny and warm.

The initial part of the climb had constant pitchy grade changes, while the upper half was basically just one grade: steep! I found myself searching for more gears a couple of times when I had maxed out the 39x27.

The Vic's boys raced it sight unseen. It was unmarked and it seemed that every time I shouted out "how much further," to onlookers, the reply was either "half mile" or "you're almost there". I was glad when the torture finally ended. I gave it my best effort to break the Mix-1 climbing stranglehold but to no avail. They grabbed the first 4 places in the 45+. Bill Simmons and Brandon Henry met with more success in their respective categories.

Team race results are below:

Brandon Henry 3rd 17-18 17:14 (2 seconds out of 2nd)

Burt Henry 5th 45+ 17:46 (7 seconds out of 3rd)

Dean Sandoval 10th 45+ 19:03

Bill Simmons 3rd 55+ 19:54 (3 seconds out of 2nd)

Cheyenne Canyon Time Trial Results

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