Monday, April 6, 2009

BMCT Winter 2009 Track Team

Indoor Velodrome in Boulder, CO
What’s happens when the Vic’s/Peerless Boulder Master Cycling Team has an opportunity for winter training at Boulder’s first indoor velodrome? How about 5 track records!

Front Row (L-to-R) Jim Kinsinger, Larry Bosch, Steve Worley, Zack Gould
Second Row (L-to-R) Neal Henderson, Jerry Greenleaf, Paul Mack, Barry Messmer
Back Row (L-to-R) Joe Paulson, Alden Lowney, Scott Rost, Bill Brant
Note: BMCT Track riders not in photo; Brad Wallace, John Tally and Dennis Hastings

BMCT Track riders just completed a 12 week coached program on the new Boulder Indoor Velodrome. What started out to develop safe track riding skills evolved to include several hotly contested track racing events.

Many thanks to several of the coaches that helped us along the way, Colby Pearce (just finished 6th in the Worlds Points Race), Cari Higgins (current multiple event Senior Track Champion) and Neal Henderson (just successfully guided Taylor Phinny to be the youngest Track World Champion ever), not to mention the wisdom provided by BMCT’s own Masters National Track Champions, Steve Worley, Larry Bosch, Paul Mack and Brad Wallace.

It started with track safety, how to enter and exit over the ‘cote azure’. The next lesson was to NOT ride too slow! This was the most difficult lesson of all, as we did have several riders slide off the 47% bank walls. I won’t mention any names but you know who you are... Above all, we learned to communicate, a few simple track commands; stick, stay, rail and pole. In the beginning our pace line was ragged, with some overlaps and gaps, as we were not yet comfortable riding close together in such tight turns. Over time this changed, as we got comfortable on the 130 meter track and our skills improved.

Over the 12 weeks we developed a series of drills that included Pace Line work (on the stayers line and in the sprinters lane), Standing Starts, Individual Sprints, Team Sprints aka Olympic sprints, Hot Laps, Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit, Under / Over team drill, and mass start racing events (scratch and points).

The most contested event was the Team Pursuit where the 45+ racers took on the old guys (55+). Our old guys rock, they own this event as they finished the season undefeated, the fact is we were never close, they were that good. Proof that experience and treachery can overcome youth and vitality. We took names, and will be looking forward to redemption.

Our speed is best demonstrated by the 4 ‘Hot Lap’ records on the board at the track. A “Hot Lap’ is when you wind it up on your own, get to top speed then drop into the sprinters lane at full throttle for an electronically timed lap. Congratulations to the 4 currently on the board.

45-49 John Tally ‘JT’ 8.548
55-59 Steve Worley 8.879
60-64 Lars 9.079
65+ Jim Kinsinger 8.982

Honorable mention to Joe Paulson who held the 45-49 record for several weeks, until JT recently broke it. Good job guys, just keep it in the house.

Just how fast is a Hot Lap? Lets look at JT’s lap, 130 meters in 8.548 seconds = 54.7 KM per hour =
34 MPH! at 136 crank RPM! (using a 48/15).

One of the most electric moments was when ‘Old School’ met ‘New School’. In a 2 up attack drill, our own Junior Zack Gould with ‘Colby’ (only one name required), attacked and lapped the pace line using the sprinters lane. That session they had the ‘Hottest’ laps we had ever seen, ah yes, the inspiration of youth.

We have a tie for most improved BMCT Trackie between Jim and JT. Both started a little tentatively… and both ripped some smoking hot laps!

We also invited and trained on the track with Whitey DeBroux, our sponsor from Vic’s Espresso. How great is that to have a sponsor who can train with the team? Whitey is in this team portrait taken under the track.

I can’t say enough about my teammates. Thanks to their professionalism and diplomacy, the 12 weeks worked well for all of us to improve our cycling skills and our ability to work together as a team. Some early results are in, and we have seen power improvements by as much as 7% over the 12 week period.

For any athlete over the age of 50 this level of improvement is great news, as more often than not you see a slight decrease each year, some measure success by minimizing the decrease. However, with the testing and training insight we get from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, these guys are like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with age.

Yours Truly, Jerry the Jet A track ‘Weenie’ and proud of it!

Note: On Thursday evening April 2, ‘the Jet’ set the 50+ record for most laps in an hour, at 312, al la Merckx style (sans aero gear). This was a lap more than the current record for the 40+ as well. “I only wish I had more fast twitch so I could get on the board with a one lap effort!”

How does one set an hour on a fixed gear? Lets look at the numbers:
25.2 MPH (with 624 U turns!) = 40.6 KMPH
47/15 82.4 gear inches (close to a 53/17)
11.5 sec per lap average
312 laps
103 crank rpm average cadence
HR - Ride above your LT for an hour

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the Jet said...

BMCT goes for BIC Kilo records and get a fast start with two new records. Joe Paulson went 1:07:928 to establish a new 40-49 Kilo record and the Jet went 1:13.377 for a new 50-59 record. The Kilo record is in 10 year increments. I expect to see my 50+ record broken by someone from our 55+ Pursuit Team. Who will be next to lower the record before Track Nationals this summer? ... Stay tuned... BTW, JT you still have your Hot Lap record by only a few hundreds of a second... In the next few weeks I expect both you and Joe to go lower than the 8.548 that’s on the board. Lets hope the roads dry and we get to race on the roads, the track is cool but time for the Criters to come out and play…