Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vic's Meet and Greet Prospect Ride

Hi Blues, Paul here with some ride news;

We will be meeting at the Vic's Prospect location for a show-your-love-for-our-sponsor Vic's St. Valentine's Day team ride on Sunday February 14. Not sure where Prospect is? It's here. We will meet at 9:00 AM (Yes, I know - it's an hour earlier) with Whitey and some of the Vic's regulars who would love to meet the Vic's/Peerless team. So get there, get a coffee, a tea, a treat, top off your water or get rid of too much water and hang out for an while before we ride. Please park in the lot southeast of Vic's behind Solar Village not on Tenacity or Ionosphere. Call me with any questions. Thanks all!

Roses are red
Our team kits are blue
It's Valentine's Day
See you at Vic's Too!!!


Julia said...

Chocolate kisses all around! (from Daphne :)

Anita Lopez said...

Who said only postman go out in wind, rain or snow?!