Friday, April 2, 2010

Suss it out, from Kerikeri

For those who have stacked it and are in a spot of bother.


You really dropped in it, eh.

You must be slutted! Throw a wobbly if you want. Did you have a flattie? I reckon ya were ridin' like a hoon, goin' flat tack. Bugger! All that hard yakka and down the gurgler.

Did you prang your bike? Is it at the panel beaters? Well, slip on the jandals. Ditch the lolly water, grab a Steinie and heaps of chippies and go bush for awhile.

Don't pack a sad, Mate.

You'll be tin arse and hangin' with the hard cases in no time.

Bob's your uncle,


1 comment:

JoeBoulder said...

Uh oh, Randy's gone native!