Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pikes Peak Ride

For any mountain goats or those that want to: ride Pikes Peak on a closed road, or
volunteer to help out some Colorado Springs folks see the link in the title.

Organizers sent me this message:
You are getting this email because you contacted me earlier stating your interest in helping with the upcoming Pikes Peak Ride or you have assisted me in the past at the Velodrome. Either way... I am asking for your assistance!!
There are some key areas that we still need help with so if you are interested after reading this GREAT! Send me an email and we will sign you up. Just a quick reminder that I need all volunteers to be 18 years of age. Thanks
Ride Marshals: Need 10
Rest Stop Volunteers: Need 10
Clean Up Crew: Need 3
Support and Sag Drivers: Need 5"

Jump in if you can.


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