Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This Cycling Race History piece is especially fun because it prominently features the Vic's Espresso/Peerless Tires team, (thanks to the ubiquitous Marc Bekoff). Among familiar names, note the Riders of Rohan competitor, Raging Doug Emerson.

Boulder Cycling History - Fill in the blanks!
From Don Hobbs dmhobbs53@gmail.com

We mention Boulder's old local racing teams and a few names popped up, but I'm sure there are more. Any additional bio information would be great (including racer names on those teams), and if my facts are off please correct me ....
  • Boulder Riders of Rohan: Spoke on Hill - Steve Brown, Scott Havlick, Doug Emerson
  • Ride 'Em Cowboys: Pedal Pushers - George Knaggs, Mark Southard, Bruce Whitesel, Dave Zimbleman, Fritz Johnston, John Budko, Charlie Hanson
    Dick's Schwinn: Peter Thron, Tim Draeger, Jeff Cloud, Rachel Ames, Mark Taylor, Jeff Lord, Kenny Leader
  • Team Monger/CycleLogic
  • Vic's Espresso - The team made its debut in 1984 and was founded by Marc Bekoff, Lawrence Bosch, Andy Pruitt, and Brad Wallace. The four of us are still around and 3 of us are still racing, believe it or not. Pedal Pushers was a long-time sponsor and the Le Peep team emerged from "Team Pink" sponsored by Pedal Pushers (a la George Knaggs). Over the years the original Le Peep team has had a number of different sponsors including Ben Serotta/Davis Phinney Bicycles, Specialized, Shimano, Celestial Seasonings, the Morgul Bismarck bike shop, Cycle Logic, University Bicycles, Pearl Izumi, and Sugoi. Now the four original founders and many others are part of the Boulder Master's Cycling Team sponsored by Vic's Coffee Shop (not all of them), University Bicycles, Peerless Tires, Specialized, Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Shimano, Sugoi, and yes, Le Peep -- http://bmct-main.blogspot.com/. Over the past 26 years members of the team have won many state and national championship and one world championship (thanks to Marc Bekoff for bio information).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Bill. We have a great and long history. And this week Joe Paulson and I became founding members of the Boulder County Velodrome Project (Doug Emerson's inspiration). My contribution will for the one and only awesome Neal Henderson to train the junior riders with whom he works.