Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2008 Masters Nationals, Day 4


After two days days of non-stop activity, there was finally time to relax and recover a little bit. After picking Bill up at the airport, the blue boys swung by the Liquor Barn and picked up a Merlot Cabernet blend to toast Mike's excellent TT adventure, and then sipped a glass while while Bill assembled his bike. Then it was off to bed for some hard-earned rest.

The next morning was clear and unseasonably cool, perfect for a easy recovery spin through the neighborhood. After the ride, it was time for the boys to go to work with Bill's super duper scale, dialing in the bike weights to comply with the UCI minimum weight of 14.99 pounds. After applying engineering and black magic, the rides weighed in at 15.01 to 15.03 pounds. The boys decided that was close enough.

With everything locked and loaded for tomorrow's road races (Bill at Noon, Mike at 2 PM), it's time to go find a nice place downtown to eat dinner, then swing by race headquarters to get Bill checked in. Another big day awaits tomorrow....

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