Friday, July 4, 2008

2008 Masters Nationals, Day 7

Rest Day

4th of July: A day off for millions of Americans, and for some tired bike racers. The boys in blue hit the town last night for some well-deserved relaxation. The nightlife was getting underway on 4th Street in downtown Louisville when they settled into some patio seats to sip a glass of Kentucky's finest at the Maker's Mark Bourbon Bar. They toasted their survival of the road race, and recounted their adventures to date. After stopping by a dueling piano bar to enjoy a little music, they headed back to their hotel to rest.

After sleeping in a little this morning, the boys took it easy today. A good breakfast and espresso, an easy recovery ride, a few errands, and then they kicked back at a movie theater to catch "The Hulk".

This afternoon, the skies opened up big time time, and the boys took pity on the women's fields racing the criterium at Churchill Downs this afternoon. The forecast for tomorrow isn't predicting rain, but then it wasn't calling for a "quick, build an ark!" rainstorm today, either.

Now, the blue crew is sipping a little merlot and watching "Jaws" on TV while washing their kits and their rides. Happy Independence Day to all!

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