Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BMCT Blog Discussion @ January Meeting, 2nd try

All, this is a second try - my short cut did not work (sjw)

You are receiving this as a direct mailing from the BMCT blog via the whole team email reflector at bmct@ibrant.com.  Below are a few issues we will hammer on at the meeting - please review them and come prepared with opinions.

Why this blog?  If we want to carry-on with this whole blog thing then we need to make some changes and get to it.  

Issues to be discussed at the meeting:
  • Do we have responsibilities or expectations from our sponsors to run this blog?
  • Does a blog demonstrate the character and lifestyle of the Vic's team, is that important?
  • Even though the current blog is public can we effectively use it as the Vic's communication central?
  • Can we use the blog for team ride announcements?
  • Is the team committed, on some level, to summarize every race we enter?  This means many more guys have to enter blog writing.

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