Monday, December 22, 2008



Velodromito = small velodrome in Spanish.

Boulder's velodromito is open and alive.  By chance I met Neal there on day one for "Certification".  It is a kick in the pants to ride: fast, the straights flick by, and the turns demand full attention (plenty of G force available to keep you focused).  One thing you won't be doing is rolling around chatting - unless it is just you and your buddy solo on the velodromito.  Much excellent training will be possible and exactly how the races may play out we'll just have to see.  Think - the tightest section of the tightest criterium you've ever ridden and then decide where you are going to move up!!  It might be best to launch your attack from the gun.  We'll have to see about that.

You need to be "certified" to ride in the open track periods.  So, check the schedules,, and show up
with your equipment.  Certification requires a $25 membership fee - good for a year.  Missy Thompson handled our 6 person session.  They just lay down the rules for the velodromito, then set you out to ride a pace line.  Upon success in that department you are then certified in the computer system and can show up for open training session.

Evidently, Open Session I is category 3 and below, and Open Session II is category 3 and above.  That all seems a bit unclear, but, hey - they are still working on the program.

The people there are very energized, madly building up the rental bike fleet, and continue to work on the velodromito.  The blue band is painted and other lines will happen soon.

I'm going to enjoy this!!

Neal - please add or comment.

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