Friday, January 9, 2009

Colby Pearce Leads Track Clinic

January 9, 2008, Boulder, CO. Last night 10 members of the Vic's Espresso Boulder Master Cycling Team (plus 13 years young Zack Gould) suited up and hit the slopes...the indoor slopes that is. From 5-6PM Garmin Slipstream's Colby Pierce (
led a one hour instructional clinic at Colorado's first and only 142-meter velodrome ( located at 3550 Frontier. You won't miss the impressive white flags lining the street as you drive toward the facility creating an energetic aura that magnifies when you enter the lobby.

While intimidating from the stands, these talented Master racers attacked the corners in what appeared to be effortless technique and controlled strength. After spectating for an hour, I thought, "hec, no problem". I'll take a clinic with Missy Thompson and get back to you... road rash, splinters and all.

Vic's Espresso Boulder Master Cycling Team members in attendance were Larry Bosch (Multiple Nat'l Champ) Paul Mack (former Track Nat'l Champ), Jerry Greenleaf and Brad Wallace (former Time-Trial Nat'l. Champs), Dennis Hastings, Barry Messmer, Joe Paulson, Scott Rost, Bill Brant, and Jim Kinsinger. Most humble team-member, Randy Gaffney, spectated from the stands in support of his track team-mates along with Susan Collins, Leonard Zinn (writer/author) and my pal and owner of Colorado Premier Training, Steve Owens.

See you all next Week! Go team!

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