Thursday, May 21, 2009

KHMTT, Done, Two Champions

Race Report and Results: Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series, Cherry Creek, Colorado
The final night of the Cherry Creek Time Trials (aka Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial) has been completed. The conditions were warm and with gentle to moderate breezes. I guess it could be said, it was a night of many celebrations.

Both Dennis and Burt placed first again (in the 55+ and 45+ groups) and stamped or solidified the overall championships. These are the Vic's team heros for the KHMTT.

Some other noteworthy facts for the night and overall finishes are:
  1. Andy put in a rider better than any other personal effort since 2004 with very little training this year - although he stealthy did some climbing last week. His comment - "training is overrated".
  2. Dean vanquished the mere mortals barrier of 24 minutes on the final night and finished 8th in the 45+ group for the season.
  3. Steve also squeaked under the 24 minute barrier and finished 5th on the season in the 55+.
  4. Scott Tietzel finished the season in 6th in the Pro 1-2 group.
  5. Brandon Henry finished 6th in the Junior 17-18 group.
That's a wrap - Vic's best overall showing at the CCTT ever!

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