Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vic's new Girls

Race Report: Rabbit Mountain Time Trial
New Vic's Women's team kicks butt at Rabbit Mountain TTT.
Beaten only by the CU women's Cat 3 team the new Vic's Women put TTT riders Christy Orris, Anita Lopez, Karen Rakestraw and Daphne McCabe out on the challenging Rabbit Mountain TT course, they rode to an impressive 1st place in their age group and and even more impressive 2nd place over, all beating all but a group of youngsters less than half their ages (sorry girls about mentioning age but that's just plain cool). As team member Daphne put it "We could be their mothers"
Way to go ladies, we are all proud!


Julia M. Wieck TONIC said...

Congratulations mates! You certainly deserve the gold medal. Wish I could have been there to see you crest that bunny's top! So sweeeeet!

ed said...

Well done young ladies!!!!