Thursday, September 10, 2009

Foreign Lands

I've made the big trip to the EU and have now settled in to ride a bit, work a bit, and generally wrap the old carcass around an eight hour time shift. Couldn't be in a better spot to make the change. First ride - planned 1 hour, and did 2.5. What can I say? I cannot say no to poking around on some new and familiar roads.

To start a panorama view heading out of town (Annecy, Fr.). It is probably obvious there are numerous mountainous road in the vicinity.

Working on my rolling photo shooting and doing an in flight speed check.

Another trilling sport - Frenchies paragliding.

Never a shortage of scenic water stops.

A couple of boys pacing along the Lac Annecy (stage 23 TDF '09). BTW they NEVER ride single file no matter what traffic may be around. And the drivers are not hassled.

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Julia M. Wieck TONIC said...

SW, Thanks for the EU travel updates. Keep them coming so that we may live vicariously through your adventures...