Sunday, January 17, 2010

Amira, Amore!

Many thanks to U-Bikes for their excellent mechanics who built the bike up. Here's a photo of Lester (GM of University Bikes in Boulder, CO), Daphne, and Randy Gaffney out on the bike today. The Amira is the fast one in front.

Wow! Day 3 on my new Amira by Specialized, and I'm a happy camper. The Amira ride is smooth and precise, with quick cornering. I'm on the short side (5'4" when I stretch), and the 48cm frame is a perfect womens-specific fit. While the bike is built for racing, so far it's been very comfortable for the long team rides. I've logged 7 hours in the saddle over the last 3 days, and there's not a sore spot or sore muscle anywhere. For anyone looking to upgrade to a new bike that fits women, this is a great choice!


Julia said...

The gals are movin on up! Congrats Daph on your new bike and commitment to mastering corners and steering clear of deep ditches and barbwire.

JoeBoulder said...

Sweet ride!