Thursday, December 30, 2010


After 8 hours of instruction, I am happy to be certified to ride at Boulder Indoor Cycling! Kudos to our instructors, Nick, Tim and Steve - they had us doing various drills on the track and the two hour sessions went quickly. Last night we did some intervals as well as open riding where we could experiment with various skills. I focused on strength (speed) and grace (smoothness), and once my lungs caught up with my legs I jumped into a paceline for several laps behind two fast guys in the sprinter's lane - that was a blast.

I no longer look at the track with trepidation but rather with excitement. Of course, this means another bike will soon grace our garage (Paul, make room now)! I'd be happy to organize a group instructional session for the Vic's women - Steve and Tim at BIC would be thrilled to see more of us out there. And riding on the track beats riding on the trainer any day (snowy or otherwise).

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Julia said...

Fantastic! I have a friend that wants to join you on the track (and her name isn't Julia ;) It's Cathy and she's a rock star just like yourself. Congratulations Karen! I'm ready to see you race!