Monday, June 6, 2011

55 Blues take 1st, 2nd and 4th at City Park Criterium

Bill Simmons, Mike Newsome and Paul Mack enjoyed a good day of early morning racing at the 40th edition of the City Park Criterium. The roads are in good condition but with what the Euros call "traffic furniture" or round-abouts complete with fountains and statuary in three locations, it can be technical.
We warmed up well, discussed the final laps strategy and started just a bit late due to the volunteers moving a few cars off the course BY HAND - just like college. Mike set a fast pace with Bill and Paul close to the front. Bill Herwig put in a strong pull which Paul thought good and to encourage him to work a little harder, Paul came out of the round-about and jumped heading thru the start/finish. This resulted in a solo ride for the remaining 35 minutes of the race (ouch) while Bill and Mike worked to protect his lead. With their help, Paul built up a one minute lead to win the race with a comfortable margin. Mike and Bill worked the final to perfection, with Bill taking the field sprint and Mike just behind Bill Herwig for 4th.

We are all sorry to hear our teammate and coach Neal Henderson had a mishap in one of those pieces of traffic furniture later in the day. Heal fast Neal!


Julia said...

The way you guys work together is very impressive. Congratulations!!

JoeBoulder said...

Indeed, the Blue 55s are a well-oiled machine! Congrats guys!

Barry Messmer said...

Way to go guys! Sorry I couldn't make it, but sounds like you didn't really need me.