Sunday, June 19, 2011

55+ Team Plan to Perfection

Six 55+ Vic's riders had a plan for the Colorado State
Championship in Dotsero and it worked to perfection.
It yielded a breakaway of 7, including three Vic's, at
the maximum crunch time, and 25 miles later Paul
and Bill delivered Steve into a sprint finish to win.

Now the important details. Jet, Dean, and Mike took
the team responsibility to be at or near the front for the first
25 miles. Jet was the Sergeant at Arms, he ruled the
front for an hour. Mike and Dean put in some key
efforts as well.

A couple of medium length climbs on smooth gravel
roads were predetermined to be the race making feature,
and they were. Bill, Paul, and Steve stuck well as
the climbers tried to inflect damage. A group of six
rounded the high point, and a minor hesitation by
Paul caused him a vicious chase on the gravel decent
to make the lead group seven.

From post race reports I understand that Jet
recovered from his early efforts, picked up Mike,
and dragged a few guys back to the second group
on the road. In the in end this was critical, I helped
Mike preserve his Omnium position and win that
competition. Double duty Jet gets major kudos
for the day.

The lead group was generally cooperative with
everyone taking pulls, especially Paul and Bill.
The final two miles on the frontage road were
strange - very cat and mouse. Bill got fed-up
and ripped on the group at least four time with
sprints that forced the competitor to ride hard.

Finally, the finish came into view and group
accelerated naturally. The slight uphill sprint
suited Steve just fine and it was a clear victory.
Paul arrived at a close 4th, and Bill punch paid
for his earlier sprints.

It my honor to write this blog, but moreover
it is a pleasure to thank the Vic's men. They
talk the talk and they race the race. There is
nothing better.


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Barry Messmer said...

Well done boys! It's good to hear our early season work is paying off over and over again.