Friday, September 9, 2011

Colorado Track Elite Championships

What a great showing at the track last weekend. The official results are not up yet so I don’t know how the TT’s ended up but I know I took 4th in the sprints. Saturday was cold and windy! Noreen was tempted to cancel the races due to the conditions but thankfully she let us ride. The 4k was first and I feel I paced it better than I did at master nationals. I never did get my time or my splits but it felt good. The wind was severe and really hurt all the times. The flying 200 was next with the wind hard in your face on the back straight. I hammered through the 200 and ended up 4th seed in the sprint semi finals. My first competitor never looked at me so I attacked him on the high bank with 1 and ½ laps to go. He didn’t respond until I had a 20 meter advantage. I sat up the last quarter of the race so I could save it for round two. For round 2 I went up against the #1 seed and missed the sprint by about a tire length or so. Now I was set to go for 3 - 4 position in the finals. I made a huge mistake and went to the wheel instead of blasting across the top of the course and doing a flying 200 against my opponent and missed out just barely. I thought it was going to be best of 3 but they cut it short and I ended up 4th on the day. During one of the sprints a rider stopped pedaling at the end of the sprint. For those of you who know the track, this can turn out really bad. Luckily he wasn't clamped in tight and he un-clipped both feet and hit the top tube and rode up the embankment in the corner and safely made it off the track without crashing. That was the only excitement all weekend. The rest was safe and fast. The points and scratch races were relentless. Thankfully my wife and daughters were there to cheer me on. When the other results come out I will post them. I raced all events except keirin and madison. 1k, 4k, 200m, sprints, scratch, points, and team pursuit.
Last night I did the retro class at the Bear Creek time trial event near my house. The weather was pretty good and I ended up 1st in the retro class. This is a fun technical course that I highly recommend.

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