Monday, September 12, 2011

Women's Team Update

The Vic’s Espresso/Peerless Tire women have been active this year. We have been so active that we haven’t sent out our recent race updates.

First off, we’ve been having a blast racing, riding, volunteering and cheering each other on. We’re building our team with other promising racers so expect even more from us next year. Recent additions include Heather McWilliams Mierzejewski (35+), Michelle Smither (45+) and Anne Donley (35+).

Julia Wieck took to racing with a vengeance in 2011 and did six ACA races and three low-key USAC Wednesday Night Criteriums. She won her first race of the year (Mead Roubaix) and beat out some cat 2 racers on her last crit (Bannock). She is hooked and has promised to go to Nationals next year.

Julia was one of the superstars on the team representing us on the executive committee, organizing the Vic’s Espresso/Peerless Tire Crit, helping with team sponsorship, and peripheral marketing efforts.

Christy Orris also embraced racing and did 15 races. She overcame her fear of crits and is now in love with both road racing and criteriums. Her goal was to qualify for Worlds and she did with a 2nd place finish in the UCI Rist Canyon Road Race! Her other late-season success was winning overall Queen of the Mt at Lookout Mt Citizen’s Hill Climb by 2 ½ minutes. Christy was 3rd place in the 35+ BAR classification.

Karen Fienberg became track certified and is looking forward to track racing next year. She got many of us out for a training session on the track – which we all loved. Karen recently did the Lookout Mountain Citizen’s Hill Climb and came in 6th in her category. In addition, she did the Triple Bypass and volunteered at Venus de Miles.

Annette Kissinger and Susan Collins started their season off with a 2nd place win at the Haystack TTT. They had a blast and will be back for more next year. Annette’s been helping organize social rides for team-members and other women in the community with the same cycling passion.

Daphne McCabe, April Ingham and Annette represented the team on the Venus de Miles charity ride for Greenhouse Scholars. Karen and Annette were featured on the poster and postcards for this year’s Venus de Miles, including the banner on the ride website which resulted in over 300k impressions for our sponsors. Daphne also did the B-Strong ride that raised over $250k. Many of our male and female members also represented the team on the Davis Phinney, Boco Loco and other charity rides.

We appreciate all the coaching, guidance and overall support many of you have given the women’s team throughout the year.


JoeBoulder said...

Way to rock, Blue Ladies!

Ken O'Donnell said...

Nice season ladies!

Good luck and tailwinds in 2012!