Saturday, June 28, 2008

2008 Masters Nationals, Day 1

Mike, Bill, and Joe's Excellent Adventure Begins....

Well, we're on our way. After some frantic preperation and a few last-minute disasters, Mike and Joe headed out in a rented Dodge Caravan bound for Louisville, Kentucky, the site of the 2008 Masters National Road Championships. Mike and Joe will be racing the TT on Monday, and Bill is flying out that day in advance of his road race on Tuesday. Bill will also be racing the criterium, and Mike and Joe are signed up for all 3 events.

So far, so good. We've got the iPod cranking some jazz, the GPS leading the way, and the radar detector making random noises. We've also got 4 bikes, 12 wheels, and lot's of snacks to munch on, including 2 kinds of Safeway trail mix (highly recommended), and some wasabi-flavored peanuts (NOT recommended).

We had some excitement yesterday, when we reviewed the UCI bike rules that are being enforced this year. In addition to the seat set-back rule, the end of the bar extensions can be no longer than 75 cm forward of the center of the bottom bracket. You'd think that only really tall riders would struggle with that one, but it turned out Joe's setup was 3 cm out of compliance! Chris at Pro Peloton leapt into action, swapped out to a shorter stem, moved some spacers, and got out the hacksaw to trim Joe's Vuka TT bars, with the shifter cables in place! It was like watching a brain surgeon operating. When the carbon dust settled, Joe was good to go with a just-legal setup. Once again, the crew at Pro Peloton goes above and beyond to get it done.

Our plan to to drive until around 9 PM tonight, or until Mike the road warrior has had enough. We want to arrive in Louisville early enough on Sunday to check out the TT course before Monday's race. More later as it unfolds.......

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