Monday, June 23, 2008

Rist Canyon Hill Climb, 22 June 08

Thought I'd report on the hill climb.

Fewer riders than yesterday's State RR Championship as expected. We started off much easier up the first two climbs, I kept it going at the same power level over the second climb, that reduced us down to just 6 riders. We maintained a steady tempo all the way to through the beginning of the Rist Canyon climbing. About 4 guys had chased back on by then. Steady tempo, much easier than Sat until the first set of the two short, steep hills. Bob Jones got on the front and set a fairly hard tempo, less that Sat, and half way up the first 0.4 miles section, I attacked and dropped him by about 20 yards. Steve Workman motor back up to me by the false flat, I kept the power steady and increased it at the second steep section. Dropped Steve, but Bob had gained a little ground. With both of them there together, I figured it was stupid to try and continue with the flat section next and the long climbs to come. Now we were only 3. Kept a steady pace going up to the road surface change. Bob tried getting one of us to go to the front, but neither of us would do so. Just as it got steep, I hit it fairly hard, dropped Steve, and Bob once again took the lead. I sat on his wheel for 0.6 miles of the 0.8 mile steep part, and attacked him really hard (average 462 watts for 35 seconds, 39/27 standing). I figured I'd see if I could get a decent gap. If I could, then I'd go for it from there, if not, sit-up and wait until the very top. He either couldn't or didn't react. By the time I crested the hill and started down that short downhill, I couldn't see him. I just kept it going until the section that's fairly straight where Bob started going hard Sat and we all got strung out. I had 100 yrds on him by the time I started the right had turn going to the first set of switchbacks. I figured all I had to do was hold LT and he wouldn't catch me. That's what I did and beat him by 43 (?) seconds. Steve came in about a 1:19 or so later. PowerTap File

Barry Messmer

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