Sunday, June 29, 2008

2008 Masters Nationals, Day 2

Back on the road again...

By avoiding the temptation to visit the scenic wonders of Kansas, including the world's largest prairie dog, a 5-legged steer, and a petting zoo with baby pigs, we made good time on the road yesterday. Mike the driving machine was ready to call it a night after about 700 miles behind the wheel, so as the clock approached 11 PM, we pulled off I-70 in Columbia, Missouri at a Motel 6 that time and care forgot. Walking into the room, we were hit by a strong and indescrible odor eminating from the air conditioner. Mike sprayed some deodorant to mask the stench, and we crashed for a few hours of much-needed z's.

The GPS informed us that we still had 384 miles to go to reach registration, so we were up before dawn, and at Starbucks when they opened the doors at 6 AM. As soon as we got back on the interstate, we passed a much nicer Motel 6, and a couple of exits later there was one that was so new it still had the "Now Open" banners up. Figures.

We've now passed into Illinois, and are looking at another state (Indiana) and 207 more miles before we reach our destination. Our plan is to hit race registration this afternoon to check in and verify that our TT bikes comply with all the arcane rules, check into the hotel, and have time to pre-ride the TT course so we know what we're facing tomorrow morning. We're ready to stop driving and start riding.


Barry Messmer said...

Looking forward to more from the boys in blue.


Steven Worley said...

How the price of gas treating you? You know the nationals rule right - you can talk disparagingly about any team member not there to do battle with you.