Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do You Know Where Your Sponsor Is?

Boulder Center For Sports Medicine

This is the first in a series of posts about our Team Sponsors - as a Team we would like to thank each of our Sponsors for your continued support over the years.

Boulder Center for Sports Medicine

BCSM has been providing World Class Sports Medicine services since 1998. With a staff of nearly seventy, the center provides Physician Clinics, Medical Evaluations, Physical Therapists, Fitness Evaluations, Sports Massage, Fitness Classes, Coaching, Sports Science Services and Testing, and advanced 3D bike fits. Known for working with the best Athletes in the world, BCSM believes “If You’re Active, You’re An Athlete” and it is their mission to provide world-class sports medicine to everyone who seeks it. They are well known for helping athletes prevent injuries, rehabilitate current injuries, improve performance and help maximize athletic potential. Most BMCT members enthusiastically receive various services. Founder Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA, is a current Vic's Espresso BMCT team member, along with teammate Neal Henderson who is the Director of Sports Science at the Center.

Boulder Community Hospital
Boulder Center for Sports Medicine
The Mapleton Center
311 Mapleton Avenue
Boulder CO 80304
Phone: 303-544-5700

The Centennial Professional Building
400 S. McCaslin Boulevard, Suite 210
Louisville CO 80027
Phone: 303-926-2665

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