Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cycling for all - Calendar

Calendars from the Union Cycliste Internationale

A fun calendar of events to look over for those interested in attending or dreaming of a citizens ride in Europe (grand fondo, cyclotouristes, cyclotourista, cyclosportive, tour, tor, challenges, brevet, and more) :
2009 UCI Cycling for All Calendar

The complete UCI calendar of Road Races (this IS March!):
2008 - 2009 UCI Road Calendar

Track Calendar - Poland track worlds are being held March 25-29, 2009.
2008-2009 UCI Track Calendar

If you want to watch some of the races online, is the best resource. They will give you guidance about how and where you may find live race coverage. You may open up the video feed from Euro Sports and then a separate Audio feed in your language of choice (most likely English) and enjoy British race terminology and humor.

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