Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Racing in Italy

This weekend March 21, 2009 Milan to San Remo in 1 Day!

la classica di Primavera "the Spring classic” is the longest professional one-day race at 294km. That is approximately 182.68313 miles. And yes, it starts in Milan and ends in San Remo!

You can call it Milano SanRemo or Milan-San Remo or you can just call it a long race. It was won last year by Fabian Cancellara.

Who is OUT this year: Fabian Cancellara(!), Frank Schleck, Alessandro Ballan, Oscar Freire. Kirchen, and now S.Sanchez. They’re dropping like flies, good to know I’m not the only one on the injury list in the early season.

Who is IN: Bennati, Boonen, Armstrong - he got tired of scouting all those routes recently and has entered last minute.

The most successful rider at Milan SanRemo has been Eddy Merckx; he won seven times. In recent years, the most successful rider has been Erik Zabel who won four times and lost 2004 to Óscar Freire only because he lifted his arms to celebrate too early. -I hate when that happens.

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