Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Blue Team?

In honor of our 24 degree cold weather day, Valentine's Day, and the Big Race happening today in California - I give you The Blue Team . . . in pink?

In the days of the "Vet"

Back when Masters were called Vets (Veterans) [those are not the Dolomites - those are the Flatirons]

The year was 1984, when the current Boulder Masters Cycling Team first evolved from its origins as part of the "Ride em Cowboys" racing team (there has to be a good story there.) to REC's 1/2 team and their new sponsor Univega and Pedal Pushers Cyclery. The team went on to change jersey color that year to White (good decision). How they started wearing our true blue color and gained other sponsorship will be another story, someday.

In the photo are 3 of the 4 original team members of what is now BMCT. Can anyone name the original 3? Those 3 men still ride with the Blue Team today. Recognize anyone else? (click on the image for a larger view).

Thank you Brad Wallace for a peek back in time (oops, did I just give away 1 of the 3?!) and Thank you to whomever decided to change the team color to Blue.

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