Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pacelines – an education

(for the Women on the Team)
In lieu of our delayed Spring Training Camp

A collection of videos and articles on riding a Team Time Trial:

Paceline Perfection of the Tour of California 2006
Watch the UTube Video (watch it several times there is a lot going on)
Toyota United is featured!

2008 Tour de Georgia Team Time Trial Astana
Watch the UTube Video - a little downhill a little uphill

Article in, By Michael Barry
Michael Barry's Diary: A team effort - from the Vuelta 2006

Article in, By Ben Delaney
David Millar Talks TTT - practice makes perfect for TTT

Boulder Masters Cycling Team's – Rabbit Mountain Time Trial website
Check out the course map, also click on "see course" for a video of the course

A TTT Video for the Guys on the Team – OH the memories!
Watch the entire UTube video to see some familiar faces
1987 TDF Team Time Trial
(styling - pre aero bars)

And then after you learn it all - watch this video and get psyched!
TdF Team Time Trial Part Deux
(things have changed since 1987, but the effort hasn't)

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