Wednesday, February 25, 2009


How the Boulder Masters Cycling Team trains
  • we follow training plans set by Coach Neal [Neal Henderson of the BCSM]
  • we use power meters
  • we record and interpret data
  • we target specific race dates
  • we train individually and as a team
Len Pettyjohn has suggested that the team read this article to better understand the useful tools now available to manage long term training. [read it several times]. This is an excellent article explaining the latest knowledge of how to measure and plan your training.

What is the Performance Management Chart in TrainingPeaks WKO+?
Getting Started, interpretation of the charts and case studies
By Hunter Allen

. . . Any good coach can get you fitter than before, just like any smart training program that you design can make you fitter, however the true challenge it not just to be faster than before. The true challenge is to be fitter than before and during the exact time that you want to be fitter. That's the true challenge

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