Friday, June 26, 2009

2009 Masters Nationals, Day 1

US Master's Road National Championships, June 28-July 4, Louisville, KY
And they're off!

At a few minutes after 9:00 this morning, Mike Newsome and Joe Paulson set off on a cross-country drive bound for Louisville, Kentucky, for the second year in a row the site of the Masters National Road Cycling Championships. Mike and Joe are each registered to compete in three events: road race, time trial, and criterium. Flying out to join them in Louisville will be Vic's teammates Bert Henry (time trial), Brian Todeschini (road race), and Steve Worley (criterium).

With their rented van packed with bikes and wheels, Mike and Joe are currently headed east on I-70, and will cross the state line into Kansas in a few moments.

Now in Kansas, the boys plan to stop for the night in Topeka, with St. Louis, MO the planned destination for tomorrow. In the meantime, they've got Rebecca Folsom belting out songs on iTunes, and are looking forward to a Frappuccino break in a few miles.

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