Sunday, June 21, 2009

HALO TT...BIG Day for Vic's Espresso/Peerless

Halo Time Trial June 21, 2009 - Vic's Espresso/Peerless Race Report
Four Team members competed today in the HALO TT today. The race was an 11.2 mile out and back course which twisted along a stream above Evergreen Lake. The out leg was a pitch and roll affair, with short uphills and false flats gaining about 450 vertical feet. There was a short steep climb to the turnaround.

The return leg required some bike handling skills to avoid shaded manhole covers and occasional traffic. Joe and Dennis both had some hairy experiences with traffic, but finished unscathed except for a few seconds penalty which as it turns out didn't matter. Burt drilled the uphill super hard, and then took a few corners conservatively out of the bars on the downhill, reminding himself that 10 days later is a much bigger race. As it turns out, that didn't matter either.

Results are below:


1st Burt Henry 23:34 (29mph avg)
2nd Joe Paulson 24:43
3rd Mike Newsome 24:55

Podium sweep!!


1st Dennis Hastings 24:45
* 2nd State TT champ Wayne Watson 26:17

Dennis put 1:32 into the state champ over 11.2 miles and we still can't talk him into Nationals.
Author: Burt Henry

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