Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 Masters Nationals, Day 4

US Master's Road National Championships, June 28-July 4, Louisville, KY
50-54 Men's Road Race: Spanky's Out

Mike Newsome's road race, Nationals, and season came to a crashing halt in the 8th of 10 laps today, while he was sitting pretty and feeling good. After smashing his helmet into the pavement his memory of the incident is not complete, but another rider probably took his front wheel out, causing Mike to go over the bars onto his head and back, breaking his clavicle in the process.

Joe had been watching from near the start/finish area, and hadn't seen Mike in the field when they came through with 2 laps to go. Figuring he just didn't see Mike while taking pictures, Joe didn't worry, because Mike had been looking comfortable every lap. Then Dave Towle's familiar voice came over the loudspeakers, asking Joe Paulson to report to the medical tent.

Joe ran to medical, and found Mike with his arm in a sling, and bandages on various parts. Joe drove Mike to the hospital, and X-rays confirmed what the pain and bump sticking out had already convinced Mike: his clavicle was broken (or, in the immortal words of the X-ray technician, "you are MESSED up").

Five hours later, they were finally released from the Hospital, swung by a pharmacy to get the meds and a variety of road rash treatments, and headed back to the hotel, where Mike is now resting much more comfortably.

Not a great day for the Vic's crew; we'll hope tomorrow is a better day.

Road Race Results on 06/29/2009

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Julia M. Wieck TONIC said...

Agh. So sorry for your injury! Get well soon.