Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Masters Track Nationals: 50+ Report

Why not race everything?!?

Joltin' Joe here with the 50+ report from Track Nationals. My apologies for the lack of interim reports, but I was busy doing every race I could find. Unless I lost track somewhere, I believe I ended up with a total of 10 starts:

Tuesday, 7/26- 500m TT: 10th;
Wednesday, 7/27- 2km TT: 6th (missed a medal by 0.2 seconds; didn't sleep much that night); Team Sprint (w/ Jet and Dave Meitel): 7th;
Thursday, 7/28- Points Race: 5th;
Friday, 7/29- Flying 200m: qualified 5th; Eighth Finals Sprint: won; Quarter Finals Sprint: lost; 4 up 5-8 Sprint Final: 6th;
Saturday, 7/30- Scratch Race: 4th;
Sunday, 7/31- 40+ Team Pursuit (w/ Jet, Rob, and honorary Vic Pat Laraby from Hammer): 4th

When I finally stopped moving, I had 3 medals, finished 4th in the Best All-around Rider Competition, Vic's Espresso/Peerless was a close 2nd in the Best All-around Team Standings, and I had tons of great memories of watching fine performances from all my teammates, including copious National Championship-winning rides. What a week!

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