Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Candelas Circuit Race

This is a bit of a delayed post, but I wanted to share some Vic’s/Peerless successes at a fun, well-done race at Candelas Parkway. Along with our 55+ guys awesome 1-2 finish, we took 1st in the 35+ race. The roads were wide and smooth, and the course was a guaranteed great workout – non-technical, 8.5 laps for us with just over 4000’ of climbing total and just over 30 miles. The terms “flat” and “cool” did not exist that day. With temps reaching the low-90s, one brief stretch of sprinklers along the climb watering about as much road as grass became the greatly preferred side for the pack each lap. The 35+ race started modestly, save for one intrepid soul attacking from the gun. After a few laps of tentative racing with brief attacks covered by all, I felt I wasn’t meeting the “spirit” of Neal’s intense training plans for my July, so, after a leg-opening pull one climb and a sharp attack the next, I found myself with no takers, save for Byron Nix, the recently crowned 35+ state champion. We drove hard and quickly caught and dropped the rider who attacked at the start. After building up a solid lead over a shattered pack after several laps, we came into the last lap as the wind picked up fiercely and the skies darkened. I attacked about ½ mile out on a steep portion of the climb, forgetting how much ½ mile of all-out climbing hurts! and having probably 40 lbs advantage (that’s on the high side, mind you... have to keep positive!) given the wind, drove to a solid win for the day. A fun race, cool course and hopefully we’ll have this excellent circuit race to look forward to in the future!

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JoeBoulder said...

Congrats on a great ride! That last climb was a nasty little bugger.