Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Jewelry for Rob, Twitch, and Lars

Under hot sunny condition in T-town all the Vic's short Time Trial men started well. Rob survived a frantic wheel change just prior to posting a 1:11 kilo - good for 3rd place. Twitch showed up with a bike about .5 Kg under-weight, so Alex, our USAC mechanic loaded on heavier wheels and handle bar extension. Without fanfare Twitch slotted in with the 5th best time (39.n seconds). Lars had no panics - of course, the equipment had all perfect weight and measurements. Following an excellent start he posted a 38.3 sec 500m. That was .3 seconds faster than the next challenger. The 500m podium for this age group was 4 Colorado guys and one outsider - strong competition, verdad?

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Twitter: Anita@Body Optimal said...

makes me proud to be affiliated with such an amazing bunch!!!