Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2K Stars and Bars

The track equivalent of the "race of truth" is the individual pursuit - a rider against the clock. 2 and 3 km distance is the standard for masters cyclists - 50+ age competes at the 2km distance and the young boys ride longer. Lars cut the thick Pennsylvania air first posting a 2:38 that was at least 4 seconds faster than the next competitor - another gold medal and jersey - he needs to stop the collection soon, or his baggage will be overweight.

Steve was seeded in the 60+ second heat and had no knowledge how fast the best guys could go - so, what does one do? Go all in. The time was good at 2:30. Then the waiting game began as another 16 riders did their best. In the end, the time stood out as outstanding, 5 seconds faster than the next best man. Both Paul and Barry did fine rides finishing 6th and 5th, respectively.

MOST IMPORTANTLY throughout the day Neal was in pit with all the riders. Giving confidence talks, taking lap times, and riding his own race. Neal's father Jack was also on site and everyone had chance to meet a great guy. The point is, Vic's is a team that operates a notch above all others.

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Ken O'Donnell said...


Truly awesome performances across the board!! Keep it up over in PA! Ken O.